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Comment "...I doubt it will ever be better.'" (Score 1) 48

Famous last words, as well as being the second evidence of protectionism of the 'profession' of medicine. The first was the reason NOT to autopsy as making medical staff uncomfortable as it might reveal mistakes. The second downplaying of the technology's potential is typical. Machines are already on-par with humans for diagnostic accuracy virtually anywhere they've been used. The machine's problem is that when a mistake is made, it can't baffle the patient with BS to talk their way out of a lawsuit nor do they have a profession ready to leap to their defense.

Comment Because education ends with high school? (Score 2) 866

High school gives you a broad overview so you enter adulthood with half a clue, so you can understand to some degree what the media, advertisers, etc. are telling you. After high school nothing prevents additional education, in fact, shouldn't education really be an ongoing process? If the author really sees high school as a last chance to learn something like 'public speaking', what a sad sad statement.

Mind you, that kind of attitude does pave the way for the fulfilment of Ayn Rand's vision of how things should be.

Comment Follow-on: Crowd Source Construction and Curation? (Score 2) 67

Could they/have they set up crowd sourcing of the planning and construction that must come next. I, for one, would happily give a week or two of my time to work on the site. I can bring carpentry, electrical, data management, and project management skills. Any others up for somethinng similar?

Comment Study the obvious to avoid the _real_ issue. (Score 3, Insightful) 497

Who ever said 'organic' had more or less nutrients. It's always been about the growth environment ie. lack of pesticides, artificial growth supplements, etc. What's more frightening is that these were scientists. The comment about the variability of nutrients between plants is common knowledge which, you would think, would have rendered the need for the study kind of doubtful.

More useful would have been a study on:

a) the non-nutrient compound differences ie. besides nutrients, what compounds are present and how do they differ between organic and non-organic?
b) what of the non-nutrient compounds are good/bad for consumers and to what degree?
c) how have the levels of non-nutrient compounds changed over the years ie. have non-organic foods seen a rise or decrease in non-nutrient compounds and how does that affect consumers?

Comment Efficiency is _all_ that matters (Score 1) 87

10% less efficiency is 10% _less_, it's wasteful, no matter how much power is involved. Wouldn't you be delighted if your vehicle was 10% more fuel efficient? And yet, the car companies will make a big show over small single digit improvements.

Instead of grandiose carbon sequestering schemes or other mad schemes to attempt to control the purported man-fuelled climate change, why not instead simply try to do things more efficiently? Energy consumption inevitably continue to grow simply because the planet's population will continue to grow. The most practical way to deal with the associated environmental impact is to lessen the byproducts through efficient consumption.

Comment Simple ... swamp the system (Score 1) 76

Those able to do so, should hack in to every system they can in Malaysia and insert illicit content. When it becomes apparent how easy it is to make anyone guilty of posting any content, and when the justice system finds itself overwhelmed, maybe someone will rethink the legislation.

That said, this could be a convenience law ie. never used except when law enforcement is looking for a way to 'get' someone.

Comment Cellphones might be better ... (Score 1) 108

... initiate a call to the perps, precisely triangulate the location of the phone source through common RF firection finding, use passive detection using your own cell and responding perps cell signals (add in others for more precision). Would have been complicated to do once upon a time but tech is there to do it now. Reply to this post if you want to take this idea to market :-)

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