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Comment Re:Please fly over my house (Score 1) 158

If one of these things is flying over YOUR PROPERTY are you allowed to blast it out of the sky?

There is debate as to the ownership of airspace below 500 ft. Which is the minimum height that aircraft can flow over populated areas. The fact that they restrict it to below 400 ft. means that it is within the airspace that normally would be covered by property rights.

Now, the reason I chose an Estes model rocket in my example is that it is legal to shoot them in the city. They travel at upwards of 1000ft a sec and can reach altitudes of over 3000ft. They require no notification or permission to fire. Thus if one of them happens into the area over your back yard and you happen to hit it with the rocket then there is not much you can do. Then again, my guess would be that the person flying it would freak a bit, even on a close call and at 400ft there is a chance of it crashing just from his reaction throwing it off course.

I would also note that Texas is a very strong property rights state. The police can not just walk onto your back yard and retrieve the crashed aircraft. They do have to ask permission. So, I would not be surprised if they loose a few.

Comment Re:Nielsen ratings Pirate Bay ratings (Score 1) 170

The bias is not towards technologically minded people (what is this 1998?), it's towards people who use the Internet, i.e., everyone under 30. The Boomers are not likely to download torrents because they grew up with TV sets and, by and large, aren't very tech savvy.

30? 30???? Come on, boomers are over 50 now. Hell I am over 40 and am of the generation that started with home computers. You need to update your timeline, people born after 1970 are very computer savvy (they are not boomers) and many born after 1965 are as well. Once you get beyond that the number begin to sharply drop off.

Comment Re:Nielsen ratings Pirate Bay ratings (Score 2) 170

I dont care for ether of them, but my wife and daughter love them both. Nether of them is "Technical" but both of them are capable of and do download the torrents for those shows as well as a show that I think is called "Once upon a time" but I could be wrong on the name.

I however am technical, and I throttle there torrent connections so I can get AMC's Walking Dead faster. :P

Comment Re:For the love of god, shut up about buttcoins! (Score 1) 124

BTC was a horribly designed currency from the getgo designed by people with no clue what they're doing in terms of the currency side of the equation. What's more, notice how it's mostly just people who have money in BTC that are advocating for it? There is an inherent incentive to talk it up as it has no value other than what suckers they can lure in to buy the worthless junk.

As much as I hate to feed a troll, The economic concepts behind bitcoin are sound. It boils down to the debate between deflationary currency and inflationary currency. The arguments that I have heard are that inflationary currency (The USD) it needed to maintain economic growth. The fact that the USD will buy less tomorrow than it buys today encourages people to spend it, thus driving the economy. The concept behind deflationary currency (BTC) is one that the currency does not drive the economy, supply and demand drive the economy. A deflationary currency gains value and will buy more tomorrow than it buys today, as such it encourages people to save them instead of spending them. This is an interesting debate as deflationary currency was the standard for 1000's of years and inflationary currency is still new (last 100 years or so)

Remember, a bitcoin is only worth what some one will pay for it. The value is based on supply and demand with a limited supply. As demand grows so will the value of a bit coin as the supply is limited.

I will note that I do own a few 1000 bitcoin right now and I bought them back at 1$ a coin. I dont foresee them completely collapsing as many suggest because they have been adopted within several gray areas on the internet as a means to pay for products that many processors (paypal, googlepay, etc) prohibit. I personally believe the turning point on bitcoin was when the service started that allowed you to buy bitcoin at any 7-11 or CVS pharmacy. That was the point where they became easy to get.

As to your arguments of paying taxes, big whoop! I can not pay my US taxes with Euros, gold, or any of the stocks I own. As to debt, it is not illegal, it is barter. I give you bitcoin in exchange you remove/drop/mark off my debt. Just the same as me giving some one a car or a gold coin in payment of my debt.

Comment You used to be able to (Score 1) 295

Many years ago you could e-mail an address at google, yahoo, as well as others and they would remove your personal data from the listings. I used to do it every year. Do a search on my self and remove all reference to me. It worked great but they all stopped it and no longer honor requests for removal.

They really should bring it back, Not saying there needs to be a law but a movement to be an upstanding member of the online community and let you request removal of your information.

Comment Re:Unauthorized (Score 1) 436

So it is a good thing that nobody has mentioned getting rid of the right to bear arms, except for a few knee-jerk types.

I don't often hear US citizens complain about not being able to have their own nuclear weapons for self-defense and yet that is illegal.

Ill complain, I say if you can afford a nuclear weapon then you should be able to have one. This really is a stupid argument, Nuclear weapons are large, have many moving parts, cost billions to buy and have multiple million $ maintenance costs. It is the equivalent of comparing a rubber band airplane to a 787 jet liner. I can afford a windup airplane, Very few people can afford a 787.

The second amendment reads

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

From "District of Columbia v Heller". Supreme.justia.com. Retrieved August 30, 2010.
In Justice Antonin Scalia's majority opinion:

Nowhere else in the Constitution does a “right” attributed to “the people” refer to anything other than an individual right. What is more, in all six other provisions of the Constitution that mention “the people,” the term unambiguously refers to all members of the political community, not an unspecified subset. This contrasts markedly with the phrase “the militia” in the prefatory clause. As we will describe below, the “militia” in colonial America consisted of a subset of “the people”— those who were male, able bodied, and within a certain age range. Reading the Second Amendment as protecting only the right to “keep and bear Arms” in an organized militia therefore fits poorly with the operative clause’s description of the holder of that right as “the people”.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 281

Astrix VOIP PBX with the call block function. They dont change the caller ID much so you just block the calling party and you are good for several months. Setting the block message to play the "Number has been disconnected or is no longer in service" message helps as many of them remove the number when getting that message.

Comment Re:So much for democracy then (Score 2) 443

We have 2 political parties. They both control the government. They both control the media. They both control who's allowed to be on the ballot. They both control the courts. They both control which businesses thrive and which businesses wither on the vine.


But they dont control the enforcement of the law!

All you have to do is sit on a jury and vote innocent on anyone that is brought up on a stupid law or on charges that are way over the top. They can pass all the laws they want it is up to we the people to enforce them. Sad that so many want to complain about the system but then work to get out of jury duty.

Comment Umm, Ya (Score 3, Interesting) 586

But what if this time it's different? What if delegating everything to machines is a radical and fundamental new change in the course of human history?"

You could learn to repair the machines, or learn to make the machines.

However, we have seen it before and we will see it again.

But what if this time it's different? What if delegating everything to the wheel is a radical and fundamental new change in the course of human history? What will happen to the men who carry the litter?

But what if this time it's different? What if delegating everything to the machine is a radical and fundamental new change in the course of human history? What will happen to all the children that spin cotton?

But what if this time it's different? What if delegating everything to the machine is a radical and fundamental new change in the course of human history? What will happen to all the people who calculate trajectories when they are replaced by a single machine?

The only constant in this world is that everything changes. I believe the old adage is "Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!"

Comment Re:What did you expect? (Score 1) 268


That would imply that the company trained you in the first place. My experience has been Training is not in the budget, Training is capped at $200 a year (not enough to get anything), Training is in-house (With an e-mail address that no one reads), or "You should pay for training as it benefits you by making you more desirable to the company"

How about this for retraining, We install Libre office on everyone's desktop and give them a free copy to use at home! Then there is no need to train or retrain them.

Comment Re:Too Late (Score 1) 175

From experience, If you withdraw the money into your bank account and PayPal freezes your account they will put up to 3 months of withdraws back from your bank account.

That information you gave them to deposit the money is enough to go both ways. CC Merchant accounts do the same thing. The only way around this is to do PayPal --> Deposit Bank Account --> Checking account and make sure your deposit account is kept at a $0 balance.

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