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Comment Re:OFFTOPIC: Slashdot Kremlin story just pulled? (Score 2) 192

All American Politicians are leftists. Just a different variety than you think.

They are one of two varieties: Sexual libertines (what passes for the true left in the United States) or fiscal libertines (what passes for the right in the United States).

You can tell the sexual libertines by their rabid defense of the abortion industry and an absolutist right for everybody to the Holy Orgasm.

You can tell the fiscal libertines by their rabid defense of the financial industry and an absolutist right for the rich to control the Holy Grail of Private Property.

But both are liberals, make no mistake.

Comment Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580

They are taught without any relation to reality.

Ill agree with that, my daughters science teachers (HS) went one of two ways. It was ether cool experiments with no research or it was the teacher doing the experiment and then having the students do the math.

I started teaching her after school. We would do the cool experiment then formulate questions from it. Why did it do that? what did it change to? etc. Then research and math to answer the questions. It was a blase.

A great example is as simple as baking soda and vinegar. Mix them to a neutral PH, heat and boil off the excess water (1/2), set in the fridge tell cool, then reach in and touch the liquid with a pin. From that we had over a month of learning, Starting with why it bubbled, why the PH was changing, what are the chemical formulas for both, what was the reaction doing, why did it solidify when touched, etc, etc, etc. Math and science can be hard, the trick is to let the kids explore and learn. Let them see how and why it matters and teach them analytical thought.

Comment Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580

I resemble this remark. Same here. Made it through high school with a GPA of 3.5 without much effort. Barely succeeded at college with a GPA of 2.6 because of it.

I kept thinking "There must be some way to use computer memory instead of human memory for this stuff". Today, I think I'd be recording lectures on my smart phone and listening to them at night when I'm asleep on loop.

Comment Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580

This. Having said this, however, my software engineering program had a 75% drop out rate- within the first three terms. This was back when they were telling EVERYBODY that programming was the career of the future (they lied) and that it was easy. C and Advanced C at OIT were *all* visual/tangible results within two weeks- short two week programming projects that introduced basic concepts such as looping and data structures.

There was a backup degree called "Management in Information Systems", we had a saying by the time I graduated "God Bless those little MIS students, they interview for the same jobs we do and make us look good".

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 164

Norman Chan was my supervisor. Things were great until he got reassigned to a different department. The new guy (Alex something or other, I forget his full name after so many years) didn't have much of an interest in open source so the job kind of dried up.

Comment Not surprising (Score 1) 164

I used to work for MaximumPC magazine (I wrote Linux columns on their website a few years ago) and I saw the writing on the wall even then. Dead-tree magazines (especially tech-related) have been on their last legs for awile now.

Comment Re:Upgrading? (Score 1) 164

You are just a bit early for the PC enthusiasts to be equal to the car enthusiasts. Cars are over 100 years old now and PC's are just over 30.

PC's of today are where cars were back in the 1980's They have started to move away from things that we build and tinker with and into the buy what you need and take it to a specialist to fix. The real enthusiasts will still be building systems just as the real car enthusiasts are still building and working on cars. The next step is the true customization phase. Custom built cars today are a real work of art, not just an old car that has been hopped up and modified a bit. They are far more custom and far more complex than off the line cars. Computers over the next few years will begin to go that direction. Where we start to see more and more truly custom systems that wow us with both the amount of customization as well as the art involved.

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