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Comment Re:I'm one of the people who's pretty angry... (Score 1) 553

That's a lot coming from someone whose argument is:


Seriously, no one wants to hear that, you're not 4.

When called out on it, it turns into some sarcastic rant "OMG!! YOU WONT LET ME TAAALLKKK"

No one really wants to hear that either. Your point of view comes across like a whining toddler that is upset because the candy she has isn't her favorite flavor.

So stop acting like Humble Bundle just started WW3 and pay attention. Humble was started as an experiment in software distribution and charity, not as some fucking Linux/Mac crossover gang bang that you people have turned it into.

Comment Stop being greedy (Score 4, Interesting) 553

The message is 1 > 0.

As in, some money still goes to charity, you still pay what you want. Even if the Red Cross isn't the best charity, Child's Play is, and $1 > $0.

Humble set up a system to let people get games cheap and help people in the process, what have you done to help the world this week?

(Hint, whining here about DRM counts as 0.)

Comment Re:Time to change the name (Score 1) 553

Time to change the name from Humble Bundle to Greedy Bundle.

Really? Did the price go up? Let me check... Nope, still pay what you want.
I'm guessing they got rid of the Child's Play donation... No, that's still there.
Must have stopped the EFF donation.... No, that seems to be there too.

I figured it out!
The people that buy the bundle are greedy, getting 6 games on Steam for as low as $1.

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