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Comment Let the Internet fix this flaw (Score 1) 323

I propose that we need to call on the brightest and best and put together a think tank for fixing the mess that passes for security these days.

It is well past time that we fix SMTP, DNS, HTTP and others to require strong point to point encryption and fail if that security is broken.

Comment Re:For pity's sake... (Score 1) 405

Make using a mobile phone punishable by confiscating the car immediately (as it is in the UK for driving uninsured) and a mandatory appearance in court, punishment being revocation of license.

In the US, that's so blatantly unconstitutional it would be thrown out of court about 15 minutes into the trial. 14 of those minutes would be the judge yelling at the prosecutors.

Comment Re:Why blame the tool for the fault of the user? (Score 1) 405

I also favor the immediate suspension of the right to drive upon arrest (not conviction) until the case is decided. This huge inconvenience alone will make people sit up and pay attention.

Well, if you completely throw the entire concept of due process out the window, then WOW! WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

Comment Content, please read carefully (Score 1) 422

Here's some content:

Sometimes you actually should listen to the people who dedicated their lives to science. These people spend years learning their field, they are rigorously tested in their field, and most of them graduated as doctors in their field. So forgive me for actually listening to what they have to say as opposed to some schmuck on Slashdot who thinks they know better because they read the weather report last week.

You're making a joke out of the entire scientific method, and fuck you for doing it.

Comment It's a sign! (Score 1) 298

I'll probably get hate for saying it but fuck it, its the truth, Slashdot has REALLY gone downhill since they sold it. We used to have epic threads about subjects like file systems and dark matter and you would often get experts in the field to debate with. Hell I've have argued about different OS designs with some of the guys that were building the bloody things and even when you got schooled you frankly learned something.

It's obviously a sign that 2013 is the year of Linux on the desktop.

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