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I've never heard of a car that can't be switched to neutral while in drive.

(I used to do this occasionally going down an empty road (4 car/hr tops) on a steep hill. Usually got up to 35, which was enough to coast all the way to the stop sign at the top of a smaller hill.)

Comment Re:show us one good software patent (Score 1) 209

You didn't see .wav (or any other audio format) sharing sites before mp3 came around even though .wav files were around for as long as Windows was, and other formats before it.
Hardly 'baseless' as you say.

What Internet were you visiting?

There was music sharing using WAV and others for several years before MP3, the problem was bandwidth and storage, so it was unpopular. Running LHA on a WAV didn't do much, but people did it anyway.

Comment Re:Another reason not to buy Surface (Score 1) 561

Fucking Microsoft, not letting me install Android on my Zune and Xbox. It's obvious, they're trying to sell the Xbox by using the fact that it works better with Windows as a selling point.

Yeah, no. New platform, new rules. If you argue that the ARM platform and PC platform are the same, then Microsoft is not a monopoly, and the restrictions placed on them are void, including those on the x86 platform. If you don't combine them, then ARM Tablets are not related to the PC and MS is not a monopoly in ARM and is a monopoly in x86 and the restrictions placed on them apply only to x86.

So, which do you want? Let MS do what they want in the x86 market or let them compete with yet another walled garden tablet?

Comment Re:Apple angle? (Score 1) 561

I mean Christ, how much difference is there between the Surface RT and the Surface Pro, the Asus Transformer and the Asus VivoTab? They're almost identical hardware (except the chip), and in the former case almost identical software too

How much difference is there between a PPC Mac and a Dell Optiplex? They're almost identical hardware, except for the chip and both can run Firefox, so, same software, right?

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