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Comment Re:Missing option: no outages here. (Score 1) 398

typhoons they're called, the bad ones batter the city with winds that would barely make the news in more relevant nations.


Hmm... there are some issues with your fix

- 250 km/h winds would be called a category 5 hurricane in the gulf of Mexico
- I don't think nations come in a more relevant category than Hong Kong / China these days.

Comment Re:Missing option: no outages here. (Score 1) 398

I have actually never experienced an unscheduled power outage where I live. Whenever it does happen somewhere in the country, once every couple of years, it is nation wide headline news. If you have "frequent, though brief, outages during the summers", I assume he means he has an outage almost every summer. I wouldn't call that reliable either. I hope he's not paying much for that service.

Comment Re:You and I differ sharply on what "current" is (Score 1) 509

And yet in a heartbeat I would drop your buzzword-driven developer and hire a developer who had a solid knowledge of data structures and algorithms, operating systems and related topics, networking and distributed systems, concurrent systems, testing and strategies for error detection/recovery, requirements capture and modelling and other high-level functions, different programming styles and software architectures, and other similarly general foundations. I'd even do it without even asking which programming language(s) the developer with the solid foundations used lately.

In your experience, do older developers have solid knowledge of data structures, algorithms, OS and related topics, networking and distributed systems, etc, etc? That sounds more like skills of a recent college graduate, with no kids and plenty of time for hacking and going to conferences.

Comment Re:queue the denialists! (Score 2) 497

The 1970's climate scare was global cooling, which was ultimately dropped as incorrect. That gives a large precedent to not caring about (regardless of denying or not) the next climate scare.

Global cooling incorrect? Ice ages are a theory very well supported by evidence. As long as there are still permanent ice caps on the poles and glaciers in the mountains, there is no indication whatsoever that the holocene is a 'post' glacial. We are 10000 years into an interglacial, which on average have been lasting about 10k years. The 'flips' between glaciation and interglacial are very sudden (on a geological scale) after a period of slow decline. This wasn't a baseless climate scare, because there is every reason to assume the next glaciation will happen 'soon' (on a geological scale), it is just not known exactly when the 'flip' will take place. It was prudent to think about the consequences then, just as it still is today. If you feel a warming climate is bad, wait until the snow doesn't melt one summer.

Comment Re:A victory for the internet (Score 4, Interesting) 317

Yes, it got so bad that the FBI saw the need to release the photographs they were interested in, stating people should only focus on these and not others, because the amateur sleuths were creating unnecessary extra work for them.

Half a dozen innocent guys were at some point accused or harassed, not by the authorities but by 'the internet' and trashy publications and similarly 24h cable news networks.

Comment Re:Hacker Specific? (Score 1) 77

From my experience, the cycle more describes a "typical" workaholic.


A Hacker Specific addition would be a remarkably short number of cycles before age related obsolescence is reached.

Comment Re:tax dodgers (Score 1) 526

I only pay US taxes because they are literally forcing me to by the barrel of a gun and threat of imprisonment, only in the same way that I'd give my wallet to a mugger at gunpoint. Indeed I'm actively looking to move abroad and obtain citizenship elsewhere in a more free jurisdiction.

You'll still have to file federal taxes no matter where you live. Even renouncing your US citizenship won't save you, because they'll fine you for the amount you'd be expected to pay in taxes during the coming decade (iirc). If you don't pay, expect to be arrested if you ever try to visit your family. That is, if you can get a visa at all, because they're not known to be very accommodating to people who renounce they citizenship.

Comment Re:"life form unclassified" (Score 5, Interesting) 147

700 million years (or more!)

Uhm, where did you get that figure? 700 million years is two supercontinent cycles ago - Antarctica was slightly north of the equator then. The antarctic ice cap didn't even start to form until the end of the Eocene. According to wikipedia, lake Vostok may have been isolated for the past 15 to 25 million years.

Comment Re:"life form unclassified" (Score 1) 147

I love living in a world where the regular headlines sound like the start of a decent sci fi adventure.

Now let's just hope this puppy doesn't get out of the lab and become a sci-fi/horror. Two hundred years from now it could be on the History Channel as "Zombie Plagues from the Past".

Indeed. If it escapes, it might colonize every pitch dark, ice cold and almost sterile lake in the immediate area!!!

Comment Re:It must work.. (Score 1) 522

Yes, but they make virtually all their money off of other companies products. Steam itself is poorly coded and buggy. It's good enough that people don't run away from it, but the software itself is in bad need of a rewrite.

The latter half-life projects are laughably far behind.

So, I'd say that Valve really demonstrates why bossless isn't a good idea. Somebody needs to be in charge and making sure things are done at some point.

Steam is much like their games: technology-wise it's behind the curve, but the 'gameplay' was well designed.

I suspect Valve painted themselves in a corner by designing their own game engine. It's expensive and time consuming to maintain, and it's clearly not one of the best ones out there. I can' t think of any major titles outside Valve that have licensed it. They do produce top class content: game design and game play, which seems to have paid the bills despite the glacial pace of development.

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