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Comment Re:For The Love of Glob! (Score 1) 552

I'd rather have seas 30 feet higher in 100-300 years and living with (say) 2314-year tech than current seas and year 2200 tech in 2314...or 2214. Hech, a 10% slowdown, miserably easy for an overbearing government to achieve, would yield a 30 year delta at the end. Hell, I'd rather have 2014 tech than 1984-tech.

Proposed solutions matter and should be judged in the context of tech advancement, or lack thereof. That's what saves lives.

Comment Re:Can't use duck test and rational argument (Score 5, Interesting) 67

Your Aero argument is indeed solid...except for one thing. Congress deliberately mucked it up by preventing cable companies from being able to rebroadcast local broadcast channels, implementing this must-carry-for-free-or-negotiate-for-dollars, tv station decides.

Congress did it! However, Fox has no leg to stand on, with the the Aero ruling, anyway. You have your signal and shows already and are just using slingbox to transmit it around for you. This doesn't fall afoul of Congress' strange law for must-carry.

Comment Re:So what? they can be tapped to. (Score 2) 244

No no no! Money's no object!

it wanted to spend 486,000 rubles
(about $14,800) to buy 20 electric typewriters as a way to avoid digital leaks.

While that seems like a lot, keep in mind the US government would commission electronic typewriters, making sure they had USB and WiFi and network printing capabilities and access to cloud storage and run Windows apps and Internet Explorer.

They would finally be delivered for $38k per unit about 12 years after everybody has a Matrix jack in their neck.

Comment Re:user error (Score 0) 710

Europe lives without dryers (I lived in the NL for a year and rented, dried clothes on racks) not because they are environmentally friendly but for the same reason nobody has AC and refrigerators are tiny. It's about 1950-level wealth. Shit's expensive, yo! Apartments and such are tiny too.

Our fast food is a good start to bring your bellies up to speed. If you build it, they will gorge. Get on our level!

Comment Re:that's not the FAA's job (Score 1) 199

The FAA is concerned with you accidentally flying it into a restricted area like way up there (evidently 1000 feet) or near an airport or the White House.

It is not concerned with whether some idiot crashes it into someone's window or head. That's the concern of local police and states.

Comment Re:Perfectly appropriate action for the FAA to tak (Score 1) 199

From the post:

"This is a troubling development in an ongoing saga over the FAA's rules which punish the safe commercial use of drones."

Nope. It's a completely appropriate action according to the FAA's mandate and charter. It's their exact *job*.

Whether it's an appropriate restriction is to be debated.

Hmmm. You're right! Let's begin the debate.

This is a troubling development in an ongoing saga over the FAA's rules which punish the safe commercial use of drones.

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