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Comment Re:Still waiting.. (Score 2) 174

No, government needs to do its job -- stopping people from wrecking what they don't own. The confusion is with you, not the libertarian concept.

Ironically, a fine use for democracy is determining how much pollution is fine. Too much, degrades life. Too much regulation, also degrades life by lagging development. During the industrial revolution, lifespans skyrocketted even as London choked with smoke.

Someone demanding a slowdown would have killed more than they would have saved.

Comment Re:Same old same old (Score 2) 277

Similarly worthless school boards cut busses first to irritate the hell out of parents who then have to drive their kids.

Every dollar is somebody's sob story, or some job we will all die without. Yet somehow we didn't have people dying in the streets a few years ago spending a trillion a year less.

There are publicly-funded universities where the number of positions not related to teaching are over 50%. These are sinecure positions, a wonderful word borrowed from midieval religion to describe graft to feed church money into pockets for jobs "without care" to the mission of saving the soul.

Comment Re:Time warp? (Score 2) 130

These surgeries are safer and less painful than traditional gut-opening ones. They're even doing heart bypasses this way now.

So while some are no doubt botched, overall people are better with than without, a net gain.

Therefore these lawyers need to die screaming like pigs in hell for pretending otherwise. What's up with the OP? Does he work for them, pretending its a scam then regurgitating their line, helping in the initial phase of their fraud, loudly introducing bad robots?

Comment Re:Death of Slashdot? (Score 1) 522

Hardly. Unless your servers are located in Illinois the bill is meaningless.

Mercifully, the servers are in the US, where this law would get thrown out by the Supreme Court as people don't give up their rights speaking anonymously. Just like they don't talking on the phone...or over the radio...or when gathered into self-organizations called "corporations"...or when burning a flag because it pisses people off...or when swearing...or when parading through the streets...

Comment Re: Death of Slashdot? (Score 0) 522

Your post sounds more ignorant than the post you are responding to.

It is a bizarre conceit of the left that they are Holy Incarnate, when in fact they are as big an ass as people on the right are, just in different realms.

Conventional left and right both want people to be free in somethings, with government dictating in detail other things...with them in charge because They Know The Right Way.

With this theory, one does not become shocked when things like this develop. Also, Europeans have equally or more laughable political endeavors (if you can misuse this word that way) from time to time.

Comment Re:Spread em' (Score 1) 111

There was just a big case in the US where finding incidental criminal drug evidence while searching for weapons in pockets was ruled Ok, but that police couldn't trump up fraudulent claims after the fact that weapon searching was going on.

Prople were standing around, and there was no evidence police actually fealt a threat, quite a bit to the contrary, so there was no reason to search, so the search was illegal and so the drug evidence was thrown out.

Comment Re: It's The American Drean (Score 1) 1313

Then there was the abysmal CNN news article soon after the horrible tsunami a few years back that declared "Global warming sea rise like a tsunami!"

In the fine print of the article halfway down, some scientist said rising seas could be as much as 30 feet, the same height as the tsunami, but over 100-300 years.

Ditto another article anout some tiny island nation sinking, nudge nudge, and near the bottom they admit it is due to local geology rather than rising sea.

Even with GW, this is shameful reporting.

Comment Re:Vive La France (Score 1) 1313

Yes, and capitalism kept our shelves bursting with food and boom boxes and cars and, now, iPhones and Androids, while not-capitalism (communism, dictatorships, failed states) kept the shelves filled with air.

People have to be free and secure to create big enterprises withoit fear of having it taken, be it street thug, warlord, mafia, or kickback, a massive problem almost everywhere.

I've seen US union reps and politicians go to China in recent years, coming back declaring communism and central planning work! As if China opening up free markets, creating vast wealth and a giant middle class where 40 years of communism couldn't wasn't the biggest scientific repudiation of that odious system you could imagine.

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