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Comment Re:How about a replacement for Slashdot? (Score 1) 356

For example:

Troll: Linux is a worthless piece of crap. I like Windows.

Sucker: No, you're a worthless piece of crap if you like windows.


Troll My mom died 6 years ago today. She always liked flowers in her windows. Should I do that?

  Sucker: No, you're a worthless piece of crap if you like windows.

Comment Re:How about a replacement for Slashdot? (Score 1) 356

IIRC, editing posts was a trolling tool. People would make outrageous posts, get people to respond, then edit the post to something innocuous and make the responder look like an ass.

Actually, that sounds like fun. The real game for us trollers would be to craft an edit that makes the response look even sillier. Kind of like coming up with an insane Jeopardy question to a mild "answer", or like Johnny Carson's old Carnac the Magician routine.

Comment Re:Wrong Premise, Approach from a Different Angle (Score 1) 267

The article actually goes out of the way to point out he's invested heavily in a company that brings inventions to market. He isn't some poor little retiree, he's reinvesting his money and it's drying up.

Still I wonder if he licensed the radio, and is now tied to a company that doesn't have to produce it.

As a side note, I bought a Freeplay radio, the spring one. It lasted a few weeks, then the plastic gears inside stripped. What cheapscares, I thought.

Comment It's part of the problem, not the solution. (Score 1) 642

Fail. Why?

It puts primacy of power at a national level as the vastly overriding, important factor, when, in fact, it's the freedom people have to move around.

There are people upset at gerrymandering, even "well-meaning" gerrymandering that creates districts along highway corridors, because they dislike being placed in one nice little homogeneous pool "so you can elect your guy", sayeth those in power, who then sleep like a baby that night.

Comment Re:It's easy to get a positive mod (Score 1) 113

Something is also wrong if he has to be scared of karma hits for defending "the other side".

It's no longer a joke at slashdot. The metamod system is either impotent, or itself co-opted (nobody meta-downmodding downmods of "the other side") or both.

Thus does an online, mutually-reinforcing meme community drive out any rational discussion, thus giving themselves an even falser sense of security that their received wisdom is settled.

The meme as independent entity, which nobody "really believes in", has human actors as enforcement mechanisms in itself like enzymes and protiens in cells.

"What is thy bidding, my master, I mean, my meme?"

Comment Re:It's easy to get a positive mod (Score 1) 113

"What have the relatives done?" This is the same meme used to justify large inheritance taxes so certain people can plunder the dead guy.

"Follow the money."

In the case of copyrights, you have to have a post-death buffer of some years so the author can get maximum money out of it. Contracts will be for less if your stepping in front of a bus puts the publisher's investment at high risk.

Comment Re:Free Speech (Score 2) 848

This. Combine it with the downmod system that gets misused to hide opinions some self-appointed people on the left disagree with, and presto!

A mechanically-enforced echo chamber for an online "social tribal community".

Who watches these watchmen who get bent out of shape at those who manipulate the media, except when it is themselves?

Comment Wait, just build it in China. n/m (Score 1) 161

> California Professors Unveil Proposal To Attack Asteroids With Lasers

Well, best get started now. They're pushing 10 years to get environmental approval to deepen certain shipping ports by 6 feet to accommodate the new supertanker size of the expanding Panama Canal. I can't even begin to imagine the paperwork for a laser 10x the size of the ISS.

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