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Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: 2007 5

Finally! Am I the only one who has been thinking in 2007 for weeks if not months?

In any case, happy new year, all, and happy new beer to all who enjoy that sort of thing!

User Journal

Journal Journal: "Peace Not Apartheid" 2

The anti-Carter campaign is predictable but off the mark. Anyone who follows the Israeli-Palestinian debate knows that the the term "apartheid" is commonly used by opponents of the wall that divides Palestinian communities in the West Bank. (Or the "separation barrier" as the Israelis call it.)

It's a good idea to have a fence - but the fact that the Israelis have used it to unilaterally declare borders inside the Palestinian areas, and have extended the policy to roads inside Palestine, has meant that Israelis and foreigners in the West Bank are treated materially differently from Palestinians solely on the basis of their race and religion, and if that's not discrimination, I don't know what is.

Security is important, but if that is the case, Israel should get rid of the settlements and withdraw to internationally recognized borders. Then they can - and should - build as big a wall as they would like.


Journal Journal: Mean spirited 1

I think this has to be one of the best awful electioneering stories I've read about lately -- not only because of the degree of its offensiveness, but also because of the multiple ways in which it manages to offend. Though if you happen to know a worse story offhand (I don't care about party/country/election cycle) I'd love to read it.

Does anybody compile a nonpartisan list of political dirty tricks?

The Media

Journal Journal: Zakaria on Iraq 4

The always insightful Fareed Zakaria on what we should do in Iraq: secure Kurdistan, fight Al Qaeda, and contain rather than pretend to prevent sectarian violence while the Sunnis and Shiites fight it out. Korea is cited as an example - I would also include Bosnia which is peaceful now after the Dayton accords.

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