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Comment Re:The Songs of Distant Earth (Score 1) 323

Aside from the whole organic-3D-printing-of-entire-humans angle...

The article doesn't actually describe anything similar to 3D printing either. The justification for calling it that is pretty much: 3D printing involves assembling a final product from raw materials; the proposal also involves assembling a final product from raw materials; therefore we're talking about 3D printing.

In general the idea is interesting -- although it's hardly new, and we're so far from the technology level required to do it that it's still in the realm of science fiction -- but the 3D printing angle is nonsense.

Comment Re:Not to sound cold... (Score 1) 552

Not to sound cold, but this type of situation a good example for why you should make a living will.
Does this poor lady want to go on tied to machines or does she want to be unplugged? The choice should be hers, but without knowing her wishes, that makes it a no-win situation.

Since she's conscious and communicating, presumably they could just ask her.

Comment Re:Only safe place... (Score 1) 213

Reason we don't? No one thought of it when everyone was signing the agreements not to do weapons stuff in space.

... and it's really difficult (takes an awful lot of energy) to fly something into the sun. And it's wasting what will in the future be a valuable resource. Not to mention that no matter how safe your rocket design is, strapping your nuclear waste on top of hundreds of tons of explosives is inherently more risky than putting it into a hole in the ground.

The idea is nothing new; I'm sure people have been bandying it about since the first nuclear power plants came online. But it's really not a good idea.

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