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The submitter used a link to the announcement of a 4.2.1 minor bugfix release, which isn't very informative if you want to know about new features in 4.2.x. They really should have linked to this announcement instead, which says:

Hello everyone,
it is my pleasure to announce release of GNU Screen v.4.2.0
available at
(I will also upload to as soon as my access is authorized)
Many are probably using it due to their distributions packaging
development versions, so they know at least some of changes.
Short list of them:
  * layouts
  * window groups
  * better mouse support
  * vertical split
  * new and expanded commands
For full list of changes please check Changelog.
Please note that due to some changes it may be not possible to attach
to sessions created with older binaries.
With this I also plan to put v.4 into maintenance mode and start
developing v.5 with cleaned up source code, new features (some already
in development tree, currently outside of official repository):
  * 256 color hardstatus
  * truecolor
  * firstline hardstatus
  * top line caption
  and more
Amadeusz Sławiński

And the Changelog is here:

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