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Comment Re:Oh yeah! Take that slashdot obamacare trolls! (Score 2) 199

But as this chart shows, the total has quintupled in the past seven weeks, and has more than doubled in the past four, thanks mainly to brisk uptake in the state-run marketplaces. If these trends continue, the projection for March 31 is still well within reach.

Quintupling every 7 weeks, if these trends continue, there will be 200 billion enrollees by the end of 2014.

Let's see what the naysayers say then!

Comment RTFA (Score 5, Informative) 418

The article says that Amazon called it "accidental," and that access has already been restored for those who already bought it.

The most likely explanation is that Disney wanted to stop selling it through Amazon, and nobody really considered the fact that that customers should retain access to what they've already bought.

Comment Re:Send them back and get over it. (Score 1) 617

So you tell them "I'll leave it on the doorstep for you to pick up." Or whatever else works for you with minimal inconvenience.

Yes, it's their responsibility to make it convenient for you. If they can't or don't want to do that, then your responsibility to them ends.

Comment Re:Send them back and get over it. (Score 3, Interesting) 617

It would be a perfectly reasonable response to tell them "it is too inconvenient for me to ship it back to you; you come pick it up." What is not reasonable is to try to profit from somebody else's honest mistake -- a mistake that doesn't harm you -- at their expense. That's what this is really about, and the arguments over legality, or inconvenience, are just an attempt at avoiding that.

Comment Re:commercials? (Score 1) 288

I hadn't heard of that -- but hopefully where they're going, other sports will follow. I'm completely uninterested in watching baseball, but at least they've got the right idea.

The situation with sports broadcasting is ridiculous. It would cost me well over $100 per month to get TV service with the additional extra "packages" to be able to watch all the games for the team that I follow. There is no chance that I will ever pay for that. If they had any halfway reasonable pricing for a streaming option, I'd be all over it.

Comment Re:what's that going to accomplish? (Score 1) 178

And if you're not sure that either one is secure, are you really gaining anything by using two - maybe you should spend some time finding a lock that you *do* trust.

There is no PRNG, Yarrow included, that we can say with 100% certainty that is not (or will not be) broken. The point of using multiple PRNGs is so that even if one or more of the components is compromised, it doesn't compromise the entire system. To use your metaphor: if your options are a padlock and a keyed lock, and there's a 25% chance each that a burglar could bypass them -- wouldn't you use both locks to reduce the probability of being robbed to 1/16 instead of 1/4?

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