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Comment Re:Already has good adoption (Score 1) 62

pavon did not "incorrectly describe" anything. You formed an incorrect definition of what "chat" means, which led you to misinterpret what he said. The fact that most "chat" via computers used to be text-only communication is an artifact of the technology that was available, nothing more.

(Note that he didn't even say "web chat", but that's beside the point.)

Comment Re:Already has good adoption (Score 1) 62

What does lip reading have anything to do with chat (ie, text communication)?

Somehow you seem to have come to the conclusion that "chat" means "digital communication using text." It doesn't. The verb "chat" predates digital text communication by a very, very long time.

Comment Re:Tough luck.. (Score 1) 923

There are 7 billion people on earth. Hundreds of thousands of people die each day, many in violent deaths, and most of those did nothing wrong.

I may not wish those who commit crimes dead, but I'm sure not going to feel sympathetic when one of them snuffs it. These guys are a waste of skin. If they want to be treated like human beings, they should have acted like it.

Comment Re:England (Score 1) 470

Like Toronto there was a municipal law here in Halifax at one point that stores had to charge for bags, which is how the whole reusable bag thing got started here. That lasted all of a couple weeks, but some retailers used "ecofriendly" as an excuse to continue charging after the law was repealed, but offered no alternative to plastic bags.

All right; I didn't know that part. I was assuming that the store was simply covering the cost of the tax itself.

A little searching says that average costs for grocery bags (for the stores) run from about 2 to 5 cents per bag, depending on the quality of bag. Maybe Wal-mart manages to get lower rates for their patented fall-apart-if-you-look-at-them-too-hard bags, but the cost to the supermarket of using plastic bags might be higher than you think.

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