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Comment Re:Voluntary ? (Score 3, Insightful) 94

NSA's illegal wiretapping was "voluntary" when they approached all major telecom providers about it. And when Qwest opted out, they cut their government contracts, prosecuted their CEO on trumped-up charges, and ultimately bankrupted them.

These people are criminal scum. They have an agenda. They are pushing it through, and eliminating anyone who gets in their way.

Comment Re:Misleading headline. (Score 1) 216

That just means they destroyed all evidence of having collected the data in the first place. You see, the US now practices "quantum" intelligence gathering. If they collect data, but don't look at it, it's the same as never having collected it to begin with. Likewise, if they collect data, and lose the data, and then delete the evidence that they collected the data, and deny that they lost the data, everything turns out fine. It's all very complicated physics that you wouldn't understand, documented in detail in the Back To The Future movies. The lost data should begin erasing itself any minute now. Any. Minute. Now.

Comment Re:Good luck with that! (Score 1) 361

But there still is a need to transfer value digitally, and Bitcoin provides a way to do that

Not just digitally, but in-person as well. And actually, in a collapse scenario, without the internet you would have a very difficult time accurately pricing your gold anyways. So a communications network would quickly be established. And with a communications network, Bitcoin has a host of advantages over gold.

Comment Re:One also wonders (Score 1) 397

Again, a few isolated mad man. But without rampant poverty their attempts to radicalize fall on deaf ears.

And what about the neo-cons, who are not particularly isolated and whose radicalized footsoldiers are not relatively poor? They are relatively well-off, have infiltrated all levels of the US government with "deep cover moles" and remain as psychotic and extremist as ever. How do you explain that?

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