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Comment Re:hard to even parody (Score 2, Insightful) 668

Newspapers should take truth and accurate reporting seriously. They should have a science editor with a scientific background who can check the work of the reporters.

Sure, but who's going to pay for that? It's way cheaper to just print whatever's trending on Twitter. The public has clearly indicated that they don't really care.

Comment Re:Achievement Unlocked (Score 1) 287

Configure all of your devices to proxy HTTP and HTTPS traffic through that intercepting proxy.

If your device does not complain about your self-signed certificate enabled HTTPS proxy, then there is something seriously rotten security-wise

If you can load your self-made CA cert onto the device and explicitly tell it to trust any cert issued by that CA, then everything is fine. Obviously if you don't do that, a MITM attack should cause scary warnings. :-)

Comment Non-story (Score 4, Interesting) 251

So if you own a AMD system you will not receive audio, chipset, video, or any other drivers for your XP system and must upgrade or use an outdated legacy version.

Ummm, yeah. Microsoft is going to stop releasing security patches for the OS. If you're still running XP, using older video drivers should be the least of your concerns.


ICANN Set To Broaden World of Domain Names 41

hypnosec writes "ICANN, as a step towards expanding global top level domain names, has approved a new Domain Name Registrar Accreditation Agreement that is expected to bring about waves of continued improvements in the domain name ecosystem (PDF). The new agreement is a result of efforts of over a year of negotiations that took place between ICANN and Registrar Stakeholders Group. The new agreement brings quite a few improvements, including making it mandatory for registrars to appoint a point-of contact for reporting abuse, and to establish registrar responsibilities for reseller compliance, enhancement of compliance tools, audit rights, and certification requirements, among others."

Comment Re:AltaVista (Score 1) 176

Granted, that was back when "" was an invalid URL and you had to use "" to get a printer driver, but still....

Was that also back in the day when the search engine was

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