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Comment Outlook + Onenote (Score 1) 133

If you're using Outlook I assume you've got Onenote too. Create a daily meeting in outlook titled diary or whatever, and when you want to take notes open the meeting for today and use the meeting notes feature to take notes. The only issue I see with this is that it might not organize the daily notes by date in Onenote, but there are decent features for moving pages around and reorganizing them. Plus everything is searchable and if you want you can save the whole notebook in skydrive and open them from your phone. Say what you will about MS, in my day-to-day work OneNote is the best thing since sliced bread.

Comment Re:In Depth Fisking for the time crunched: (Score 1) 1255

Actually, although I lean towards agreeing with the article, I think it sucks.
Here is a far better article about private schools and why maybe they are not good for society:

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 1255

Mostly agree that geography/demographics matters a lot. The article is terrible but she has an important point to make, which is summed up much better here:

Public school in America has declined as an institution because the wealthy have abandoned it and everyone thinks that's ok. But it's not. This is in part because the people who set public school policy happen to be wealthy, and therefore have no skin in the game. It's also because egalitarianism is all but dead as an American ethos. Level playing fields are for suckers.

If you're wealthy you look at the public system and decide you can do better for your kids. So you make a locally optimal choice which is perfectly reasonable in isolation. It's sort of an inverted tragedy of the commons.

Comment Re:Equal rights (Score 0) 832

It's not just that a human being comes out of you. A human being comes out of you which induces huge amounts of tissue and skeletal trauma (or best case you get sliced wide open across the midriff, mangling your abs and literally slicing apart a muscle- the uterine wall). Then, top it off you start leaking fluids from your chest.

[sarcasm] But just think of the poor dad who has to watch this happen! That will take at least 12 weeks of therapy!

Comment Re:Write threatening letters (Score 4, Interesting) 247

+1. You have no reason to expect an acknowledgement if you just pass it 'up the food chain'. Put it in clear legalese and look forward to a reply from their lawyer. Most likely someone on the inside sold the list for chump change.

btw did you consider that maybe it's you that's compromised? 8-)

Comment You are applying for the wrong jobs (Score 2) 232

The big companies: GOOG, MSFT, FB, even twitter can recognize the value of your PhD and give you a job you'll find rewarding. You've clearly got math chops and technical chops so as long as you can communicate well you should be a strong candidate. Look for keywords like researcher, applied researcher, data analyst, decision scientist, technical program manager, etc etc. There are tons of jobs for people like you and you don't have to pigeonhole yourself as pure research (overselling) or network admin (underselling). I spent a long time in academia before finding an industry job I really enjoy that is only tangentially related to my original research expertise.

Comment Lanza had a father?? (Score 1) 1168

Now, I have deliberately avoided most of the coverage of this event but this is literally the first time I've heard any mention anywhere about Adam Lanza's father. And you mention him only indirectly. Before now I had to assume immaculate conception, which helped explain a lot, but now all my theories are laid to waste..

Naturally now I'm very curious. Did he have a relationship with his father? Was it close? How did his father treat his mother? With kindness, compassion and respect? Which came first: sociopathic child or broken home (indeed, I imagine if there is causation it can go either way- some marriages destroy kids, some kids destroy marriages...)?

FWIW the video game connection has been studied and reported on extensively. Two examples:
If congress feels the need to revisit the question then I smell a pork barrel.

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