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Comment How Is This Good News? (Score 1) 289

For those of us with "soft" teeth (and you know who you are), this is a REALLY *bad* development! I don't want to re-grow my teeth. In fact, I want to get rid of the originals! I would REALLY like to see advances in implant technology, and a reduction in price. I'd like to have all my teeth replaced. I've already had seven root canals, at least two crowns (with six more on the way) - why can't I just get them all replaced?

(As an aside, most dentists seem to want to "save" teeth. I can't see any reason for this. Furthermore, implants are expensive - to have my 28 teeth replaced at $4k/tooth would cost $112,000. If I had the money I would do it.)


Submission + - Tom from MySpace is Phishing 148,000,000 Friends!

SkyDude writes: "From Wired Blogs: If we spent our time reporting every scam, phishing attack and other security hack that hit MySpace we wouldn't have time for anything else, but this one is funny. Someone apparently hacked MySpace's "Tom" account (the default friend for all new members) to send out a link to a phishing scam. Not news really until you consider that the Tom account has roughly 148,059,490 friends. What we'd like to know is how much money a phishing attack against MySpace can really generate — do they ask the marks to steal their parent's credit cards or something? [via Digg] ing_reb_9.html"

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