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Comment i still don't understand the push for this (Score 1) 200

government regulations have a long history of unintended consequences. it's good to see that these lawmakers recognize that.

furthermore, the internet has done exceptionally well so far without such rules. i think we're better off without them, in spite of the few incidences of filtering and blocking some providers have tried.

Comment Re:DNS (Score 1) 620

how would his second form work with subdomains? the name of a server is a distinct piece of information from the path to some piece of data on that server. if everything's a slash, there's no obvious way to distinguish between the two. "com/example/foo/bar" could mean either "" or "", both of which are perfectly valid.

Comment Re:Sure it does (Score 1) 107

Most university research groups do not have funds to buy bits of computing time here and there. For a project like this, the research group more likely has a dedicated computing cluster bought with grant money or sponsor money.

Comment Re:Some people fear guns like they fear bugs (Score 1) 746

Symbolic speech is all well and good, but the trigger-happy cop who mistakes you for a rifle-toting terrorist is going to shoot first and ask questions later. There's no reason to put yourself at risk by openly carrying around something that resembles a weapon unless you intend to use it.

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