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Comment Re:summary says 'ever' (Score 1) 194

As in ""Overall, about half of adult Facebook users, or 47 percent, 'ever' get news there,"

What does this mean? 53% of Facebook users never read their wall? Or they do but none of their friends post news stories? They have very poor memories? The question confused them?

Facebook won't let others access information like which news stories are the most posted, but if they did it would actually make a decent news aggregator, without implicit editorial bias. One of my favorite news feeds used to be "Yahoo Most Emailed" - interesting stuff that was never on the front page of news site with editorial story selection.

I'd love to join that kind of data with my own selection of what constitutes a credible source (boy, do my friends love to post nonsense from naturalnews...).

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 51 Sorry... No clue.

Yeah, the two way to get customers is to do marketing or to have your users spread word of how great your product is. I never saw either on these guys. Great products have the latter, good products have both, and danger-danger products have only the former. With neither, I guess it's somebody's pet project.

Comment Re:I write EMS/Police/Fire 911 Software (Score 2) 100

At least you're using insurance responsibly - does the company ever ask for any kind of audit?

I quit a job at the largest medical center in my area because the PHB's were ignoring the advice of the technical staff and insisting on buying inferior database software that was going to cause medication errors. We estimated a rate of seven mix-ups per year (due to single phase commits among disparate systems) and the bosses calculated that it would be cheaper to settle the lawsuits than to do it the right way. Fortunately, that project failed and they outsourced the whole thing five years later (most of the original talent left).

Going after app vendors is just the low-hanging fruit. Like busting shoplifters while letting the banksters ruin the economy. Oh, wait, then, nevermind.

Comment Re:Here is my question.... (Score 3, Interesting) 162

This is my real take-away from the article: DPR trusted nobody for important things that need trust and trusted many people for things that should not have had trust (e.g. doing co-lo in San Franscisco). He could have easily hired two(+) attorneys in foreign jurisdictions and had them combine the key parts in the event of his capture and transfer the funds to a legal defense fund. Obviously, he didn't or the FBI would have bupkis.

Trust needs to be managed, not avoided.

Comment Re:Hangings (Score 1) 1160

If you have the guts to condemn someone to die, I think you should also have the guts to execute that penalty.

This was Grover Cleveland's position when he was Sheriff in NY State. He didn't much care for the hangings, but he pulled the gallows himself because he didn't think it was right to farm out the job to an executioner, since it would make "justice" too easy to come by.

He was perhaps the finest example of what the ideal President would look like if he embraced the American system.

Comment Re:NWO (Score 5, Interesting) 310

Well, it's unlikely that the Republic of Iowa would be devoting resources to spying on Chancellor Merkel. There's probably some point where one government is too big, too rich, and too powerful.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the population of Iowa is about the same as the the entirety of the United States when it was formed. Some system designs don't scale indefinitely.

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