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Comment Re:Congratulations! (Score 1) 446

Not so in Los Angeles, where in many areas the peripheral traffic jam is well in session by 6am and doesn't abate until 7pm or later. If I had to be in L.A. by 9am, I had to be OUT of my bedroom community, nominally an hour away, by 6am, and ready to jump to the alt-surface route at the halfway point if the freeway was already thoroughly jammed up by 7am.

Conversely, midmorning to early afternoon, and most of the night -- no problem! (Unless you're on the 405, which seems to have become a 24 hour traffic jam in recent years.)

Comment Re:Requires more metal (Score 1) 521

You'd be amazed what a hunting dog's nose can detect. I've seen Labradors dig up aluminum cans that were buried two feet deep some years previous, homing in on that single point. They regularly find cellphones wrapped in plastic and hidden in toilet tanks (prison trick, so I'm told). Covering up a scent doesn't work nearly as well as you'd think, either... the original scent is still there and detectable by the dog.

As to whether the sniffer dog cues on the scent or the handler's expectations, that's another issue. :(

Comment Re:Or (Score 1) 273

Last time I got a flu shot I inquired about tetanus and whatever. About fell over when I was quoted $160. Which would come out of my personal pocket. Another $60 for pneumonia shot, ditto.

Well, that's what happens when you sue all but one of the vaccine manufacturers out of existence. :/

Comment Re:OK, so this vaccine needs a booster (Score 1) 273

That depends entirely on the virus. Some require a large innoculating dose (thousands of live particles); others require only a handful (parvovirus leaps to mind; I can't find a cite offhand but I vaguely recall the innoculating dose is as few as six particles, possibly because it's a fast-replicating virus).

Comment Re:Having had a whooping cough outbreak in the fam (Score 1) 273

So your daughter eventually marries a fellow who wasn't entirely pre-marital celibate, or was previously married (caught it from his wife, and has since divorced) ... and he gives your daughter HPV...

Now what?? Your daughter, virginal til marriage, is now infected through no direct fault of her own and perhaps not even of her spouse.

It's not about behavior; it's about mitigating future risk that might nail you despite your best behavior.

Comment Re:"austerity" (Score 1) 273

The point is, when the media cries "poverty", the average person doesn't think "car, house, microwave, satellite TV, computer, nice things of various sorts-see list" which are now more the norm than not. The average person thinks "falling-down tenement with leaky roof and no electric or plumbing and infested with rats and cockroaches" and the tenant-farmer shacks of the 1920s.

Even given the hand-to-mouth financial aspect, there's a difference in mindset between being poor, and having no money. Give $5 to a "poor" person and they buy a meal at McDonald's. Give $5 to someone with no money, and they buy a week's worth of groceries.

My family all grew up with no money. Compared to most people, we had nothing. But we were *never* "poor".

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