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Comment Re:"austerity" (Score 1) 273

The point is, when the media cries "poverty", the average person doesn't think "car, house, microwave, satellite TV, computer, nice things of various sorts-see list" which are now more the norm than not. The average person thinks "falling-down tenement with leaky roof and no electric or plumbing and infested with rats and cockroaches" and the tenant-farmer shacks of the 1920s.

Even given the hand-to-mouth financial aspect, there's a difference in mindset between being poor, and having no money. Give $5 to a "poor" person and they buy a meal at McDonald's. Give $5 to someone with no money, and they buy a week's worth of groceries.

My family all grew up with no money. Compared to most people, we had nothing. But we were *never* "poor".

Comment Re:Remind me,,, (Score 1) 327

That's not entirely a bad idea, but let's be fair -- extend it to everyone. This shouldn't be any hardship if you're already in the wage class where you spend most of what you make just to live.

The upside is that there'd probably be a lot more discretionary spending, which in turn would boost a lot of industries. Particularly if you get a consideration for buying domestic products, where they exist.

The downside is that it might negatively impact investment, but I'm not entirely sure that'd be a bad thing, as methinks some of the boom-and-bust of recent years stemmed from too much venture capital burning a hole in some accountant's pocket.

Comment Re:Controlling infestations (Score 1) 250

Conversely I've found the best bait to attract ants is -- dead ants. Squish a few and pretty soon you've got lots of ants. (I use this trick when I find some of the tasty kind and feel a yen for fried ants. Our cold-climate American ants are too puny to be worth the bother unless you've got a whole lot of 'em.)

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