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Comment Re:Pop for breakfast? This is why you're fat. (Score 1) 362

You may be confusing the line between "fruit juice" and "fruit drink" (there's a distinct and legal difference), but in any case, natural flavours and vitamins are certainly better for you than artificial flavours and artificial colourants if you're gonna drink something like that.

The key is moderation, of course.

Comment Pop for breakfast? This is why you're fat. (Score 5, Insightful) 362

When I was a kid I always enjoyed road trips to the US because of the wide variety of junk food available down there, but it's only recently dawned on me just how much junk food you guys actually consume.

On a recent trip into New England I had to go to a supermarket, and it was pretty astounding when I actually stood back and noticed things. The section with 2L bottles of pop was at least twice the size of an equivalent Canadian supermarket, and the section with actual fruit juice was probably only a third of the size of one here, with not nearly as much variety.

I mean, I love pop myself, but just how much of it do you guys drink down there? Is it served with every meal or something?

Comment Re:Killed by DRM and licensing (Score 4, Informative) 263

Battery life was fine on mine. It ran for ages off one AA battery.

Mine wasn't a "Net MD" player, so I got music into it by recording. I had a TOS Link cable out from my sound card, and just played a playlist while it recorded. Ya, it was a bit slow that way, but MP3 players at the time were expensive and very small capacity and CD players were chunky.

Comment Office Dependence (Score 1) 270

Back then Office wasn't as entrenched in the business world, either. It was one of several competing systems. Businesses *depending* on Microsoft Office is something that sorta developed gradually in the last 15 years. (Document sharing over the net sorta contributed to that, making the need to get onto a single suite more urgent.)

Comment DSLR... sorta (Score 5, Insightful) 316

I love my DSLR. Its photo quality is amazing. It is my favourite camera.

However, with it I take a fraction of the amount of photos as the camera in my phone. Why? My DSLR doesn't fit in my pocket. I'm just happy my phone has a reasonable lens and sensor in it.

Anyway, there's an old quote I heard once: The best camera is the one you have with you.

Comment Re:Dumbing down (Score 1) 183

I live in Southern Ontario, which is generally flat as a board.

I also commute on the busiest highway in North America, which is stop-go during rush hour and packed 18-wheelers. That, and my neighbourhood has notoriously awful stoplights and drivers of a certain unrefined skill set.

So ya, automatic works for me.

Comment Re:Dumbing down (Score 5, Insightful) 183

I honestly don't see what's wrong with that, as long as it's not the dumbing down of *all* computers.

Car analogy time: I can't fucking stand manual transmission, but do I understand why people like it. They can have it. But the people who like manual transmission look down upon automatic transmission and complain "it's the dumbing down of cars."

Comment Freeloaders "Not Beneficial" (Score 2) 458

Oh, and as for "freeloaders" not being beneficial, consider this:

Firefox was established to end IE6's reign of terror on the web, and bring web standards back into play, benefiting everyone. Would they have accomplished that without the millions of "freeloaders" who eagerly downloaded and installed it, slowly chipping away at IE's numbers?

I realize that doesn't apply to every case, but it certainly does in some.

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