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Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 636

I know that more work feeling, but for me it was TI-83's (I think) and I rarely used the programs I wrote. I was quicker doing most work(80%) in my head and using paper to make sure it looked correct.
So why did I write the programs at all? Boredom, really. It was also a good way to make sure I really understood formulas - if the calculator was wrong, I made a mistake or typo.

Comment Re:it's not so funny (Score 1) 574

The hf sound theory is a good possibility, speaking from personal experience. I can hear the high pitch buzz from crt's (probably the transformer in them?) and similiar sounds, but tv buzz is the only source I can always pinpoint. Probably because my tv doesn't move. Not sure the exact frequency of the buzzing, never was good at figuring exact khz stuff by ear.

And for the record, it doesn't cause me any annoyance and I don't want to sue anybody over it.

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