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Comment Re:Don't like retroactive laws. Taxes no different (Score 1) 514

The FTB, unlike the court, has no discretion in crafting a remedy, and cannot (unlike the legislature) reform the statute retrospectively to avoid undesirable impacts.

Incorrect. Go back and read the article again.

Gina Rodriquez, of the California Taxpayers Association, says the board had several options open to it under previous case law.

Option 1 being from 2012 on, the exemption/deferment is no longer allowed. 2008-2011 tax filings are left as is.
Option 2 being what they're doing: retroactively collecting taxes, interest, and penalties.

Both options have been used before in similar cases. Option 1 was used in Hunt-Wesson v. Franchise Tax Board (2000). Option 2 was used in Farmer Bros. v. Franchise Tax Board (2003)

Comment Sensationalist media (Score 1) 633

I'm increasingly seeing that Slashdot is just as horrible with the sensationalist headlines as the mainstream media. Anything to get more ad impressions.

He was not "expelled for finding sloppy coding". No matter how much you dislike schools, Quebec, Canada, authority figures, software, computers, accurate headlines, or terms of use, he still was not "expelled for finding sloppy coding."
What is so hard about swapping the text and adding a comma?
Try it:

Student Finds Sloppy Coding, Expelled From Montreal College

Now it implies a correlation (which there definitely appears to be) instead of libelously explicitly stating causation.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 620

What's your obsession with anger management classes? A bit of transference, I presume?

Just continuing with the same analogy. Didn't want to confuse you again.

Look, dude, you invited the responses you received when you made the half-assed, idiotic comment about ballots and elections, in a discussion that had nothing to do with the aforementioned topic.

Sorry I assumed you had the ability to think about what I was saying before you respond. I also assumed you were not the anger prone type to assume the worst and attack somebody that comments on your "Im sick and tired but not doing anything about it" whining. I'm also sorry you think ballots and elections have nothing to do with government and police.

If you're going to respond to people with snarky nonsense,

Work on your sense of humor. Try watching some stand-up. Maybe fukung or xkcd. There is a variety out there to choose from. But mostly try laughing at yourself. You whined, you got called on it, it hit too close to home so you jumped on me. Your problem there, not mine. Next time, instead of escalating to attacks on imagined "moronic and counter-productive" beliefs, you should reply with something humorous.

For the record, nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to say something stupid and nonsensical

There you go with the anger again. Nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to be an ass, insulting and cursing like a brat. Nothing stupid or nonsensical about my comment. Why do you deny the connection between griping about government and running for office? Most people that want to change government behavior vote or run for office.

nor did anyone force you to continue to defend your stupid and nonsensical comment

I didn't defend my statement, I just called you a prick, because you were being a prick. In fact you bitched about me not expanding on my statement, you don't remember?

via continually escalating stupidity and childishness.

Childish, yes. Stupid... well Kettle, I'm going to have to disagree there. I think my responses have been far more clever than your frothing-mouth curse-laden rants.

You chose to engage in this conversation of your own volition, and are just as guilty as you claim I am for fostering immaturity, so don't even try to pull that victimized, reversal-of-position bullshit on me.

eh? There you go again trying to put your limited thought processes on me. I did not claim innocence of immaturity. I absolutely responded in kind. One of my many faults. What I was doing was sarcastically trolling your laughably hypocritical mentioning of a "mature discussion" between insults and swearing as I currently believe you are an angry prick.

FYI, you're no more innocent for your part in this admittedly moronic debate than I am; it takes two to tango, after all.

Well I'm glad I taught you something. Assuming you now know that mature discussions require 2 as well?

Comment Re:Old problem (Score 1) 507

Actually the Space Shuttle Challenger was a design choice to save on the cost of shipping the tanks to Florida.

Ya. So they chose "just get it done"

The alternate one piece design didn't fit through one specific tunnel along the railroad from the plant to Florida, and would have required overland transit.

Instead of the tougher, costlier, or more time consuming "get it done right."

And then dealt with the consequences.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 1) 620

So, instead of expounding on your previous, exceedingly vague statement, thus giving clarity and allowing for a mature discussion,

Interesting. And what part of "WTF are you on about?" is inviting a "mature discussion"? Cursing? Putting words in my mouth and then calling my attitude "moronic and counter-productive"? Is that what you call a mature discussion in your school? Cause that is not how we adults do things in the workplace, courts, or government. You'll probably find that kind of b.s. is not recommended in anger management classes either.

And you have the nerve to say I''m a prick.

Absolutely kid. Act like a prick, get called a prick. Next time, if you want a mature discussion, try using your big boy words. Act mature. That means asking for clarification when something flies over your head instead of flying off the handle and insulting people or what you assume is their belief.

Comment Re:Old problem (Score 1) 507

In the real world, sometimes you have to make the choice of doing things right, or actually getting them done.

Where did I hear that before... Oh yes, Deepwater Horizon. No, no... CIA interrogation methods. No wait, space shuttle Challenger! Or was it the OJ Simpson investigators? Tim Geithner's taxes? California's energy deregulation?

Not knocking the idea... just laughing.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 0) 620

I don't recall seeing your name on the ballot. Perhaps you'll be more sick and tired next election. :(

WTF are you on about? What ballot? You mean the presidential election ballot, that only millionaires get on to, and only millionaires in one of the 'boys clubs' ever wins? That ballot? So, in other words, what you're saying here is that unless a person is a bona fide candidate for U.S. President, they have no right to bitch about the fucked-up practices of the police? What a moronic, counter productive attitude to have.

No prick, I was not saying that at all. Get your cock out of your cunt and take some anger management classes.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 2) 620

p>Citizens like you or me who are unhappy about our infringed civil liberties are not the dangers to the cops, the abovementioned groups are. Are you suggesting that they're only dangerous and violent towards the police because they are righteously indignant?

The circle is a bit wider than that. The community distrusts the police resulting in fewer calls to deal with criminals resulting in more criminals resulting in a more dangerous area bringing more police presence which increases the likelihood of a violent confrontation between cops & criminals resulting in more agitated police resulting in incidents like Oscar Grant which causes the community as a whole to become righteously indignant and ... there you go.

Comment Re:sigh (Score 4, Insightful) 620

The number of violent, dangerous, angry, sadistic cops on the force is nothing but an embarrassment for the state. Police brutality and perjury is not just routine it is expected by almost everyone.

They're not angry. They're simply psychopaths.

People become cops because they enjoy your suffering.

Those that become cops for other reasons often become psychopaths (Is that possible? Perhaps they simply demonstrate psychopathic behavior) as demonstrated in the much referenced Stanford Prison Experiment.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 851

Im not aware of a political soapbox being a good source of Christian teaching, perhaps that explains a lot of the misconceptions floating around.

If they didn't get elected for espousing such views I might agree with you. But the fact that they are elected says many agree with their statements, and that is one why I disagree with yours. There are better examples though.

Humans like to justify naughty actions to feel better about them. For instance, people speed while driving and justify it to themselves with thoughts like "I'm a good driver normally, I'm just in a hurry *this* time so its ok." Religion provides, and is often used, to justify thoughts and actions people would not accept as "ok" if done by others, or even by themselves in different situations.

Take, for example, the Boy Scouts of America. They quite obviously have a problem with gays. Why? Their bible says so. Is there any logical or scientific evidence to justify their prejudice? No. They just believe that gays ruin the organization, kids, the country, etc. All due to their religion. But see, its ok that they hate gays because, again, the bible says gays are bad. Hence, justification for their prejudice is their religion. Likewise, no matter how wrong it feels to hate gays, no matter how logical the person is, no matter if they have the ability to recognize homophobia to be in the exact same moral boat as racism, they ignore that logic and instead say to themselves "God hates gays, so its ok for me to hate them too."
The only responsibility most religious nuts (especially Christian nuts it seems) direct inward is the responsibility to get rid of evil external influences like "the gays".

Comment Re:Im glad. (Score 1) 851

Oh, and please show me significant medical successes involving fetal stem cells.

The truth is, almost ALL the successes have been with adult or auxilliary stem cells.

Fetal stem cells have only "been around" for 10-15 years. Adult cells have been worked on since the late 60s. Additionally as your quote says, fetal cells have been "cock-blocked" by the religious nuts claiming piles of cells are babies. Expecting comparable results with only 1/5 the time, 1/10 the support, and 1/50 of the funding is just insane.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 851

They are largley a way to shift personal responsibility to the Big Sky Man.

Spoken in true ignorance.

Aside from the plethora of religions with NO deity, Christianity (one of the biggest religions) see the problem as being oneself-- that is, the responsibility is being shifted nowhere but inward.

Neat. I'll remember that next time I hear a family values GOP candidate tell me my liberal views are destroying America.

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