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Comment WB movie staff pirates like crazy (Score 1) 227

It's so bad that it's necessary to setup queues on outbound traffic so the phone continue to work. So many people pirate music, TV and movies on WB (and all other producers) productions that technical measures are required to save enough bandwidth so that the phones can be used to coordinate the actual film production.

Given how messed up the US mindset is right now, they'll probably just sue themselves for revenue and stop producing anything at all.

Comment Looks very useful (Score 1) 68

Have to try it out first though, but this is one of the hardest security problems to solve: How do you trust others to maintain the servers your database is on. Even if there are attacks against this, it seriously raises the bar for attackers. Especially if your attacker only has access to your database for a brief period of time. I can see attacks against this if your adversary can analyze you queries over a long period of time.

Comment We should impose a penalty of 1% (Score 1) 298

We should impose a penalty of 1% of gross annual revenue for false positive takedowns. So if a company made 25% over its costs, 25 wrongful takedowns would wipe out its profit entirely. To cover situations where a company has a loss or doesn't make very much we could have a $10,000 (2010 dollars, inflation indexed) penalty per wrongful takedown.

Maybe then I'll accept some of the industry's copyright proposals.

Comment Re:Ron Paul should give away his money (Score 1) 1797

It's funny you say that because Ron Paul is the only serious politician in the US, maybe even the whole world, who is proposing policies that will help the middle and lower classes.

It's too bad so many people have confused government intervention and central economic planning delivered with free market RHETORIC with actual free markets.

It's nice to see 1000+ comment discussions about Ron Paul on slashdot. Nobody seemed to pay attention in 2007 when there was actually a chance to prevent the clusterfuck that's coming soon.

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