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Comment Re:This solves ? (Score 1) 558

> Lastly, if you're that concerned with reliability, you wouldn't be using a semi-automatic, you'd stick with a simple revolver or a blunt instrument.

That's ridiculous. A well designed semi-auto is extremely reliable. That's why nearly every single person required to be armed to do their job has one. When I see all of the police using it I'll consider it myself.

Requiring civilians to use such technology in its current form is just another way of slowly disarming them, similar to banning magazines. It's just another way of saying "Look, you can still own a gun. Just not a gun that's very good"

Comment Re:LOL, American "democracy"! (Score 1) 584

> A structure is democratic if it provides the means to remove the ruling entity from power without bloodshed or revolution.

The ruling regime hasn't changed in 100 years. As there is not a dimes worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans on any issue of substance, it is indeed extremely complicated for power to be legally transferred to new leadership.

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