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Comment Re:Cold weather (Score 1) 572

Thank you! "Engine having warmed up sufficiently" is what I wanted to know. It's not just 'oh, stopped, kill the engine'. I was mostly concerned with 'It's 6 degrees F, and I need to just sit real quietly and wait for five minutes while the ice melts and the car heats up' kind of issues.

Comment Ars has a better article... and this is big. (Score 1) 423

Forget Apple: Look at what this does to DMCA takedowns!

First up: DVDs! Previous exemptions have been carved out for college professors who might use film clips in class. But note the broad nature of the new rule--it applies to everyone. As long as you are making a documentary or noncommercial video, you're in.

The exemption only covers "short portions of motion pictures," since the Register was not convinced that longer portions would necessarily be fair use. And if there's some other way of getting the clips short of bypassing DRM, you should take it.

Comment Global Frequency was killed because it was leaked. (Score 1) 1115

Great comic, really, really good TV pilot, done by the guy who did Blue Beetle, and is now doing Leverage. (Written by Warren Ellis.)
According to the story, Warner was so pissed about the pilot being leaked, they killed the show. God knows why, to be honest.

Comment If only they were safe. (Score 3, Informative) 1051

The problem with this is, the advertisements themselves can not be trusted. Beyond the issue of the sound and animation, advertisements are a malware vector. I'm having a huge problem with 'Antispyware 2010' and its variants. One idiot claims he got his from Microsoft, because it says Microsoft on it. If they were less hazardous, I'd block them less. I turned off blocking for Project Wonderful and for Google's text ads, after all.

Comment Dan 'I'm not a paid shill' Lyons? (Score 5, Insightful) 336

If you've been following Groklaw over the last few years, I should point out that Mr. Lyons is a huge SCO supporter. I can not say Microsoft pays him money, but anything and everything he says is designed to hit Microsoft's opponents from the side. He likes to say bad things about both Microsoft and Microsoft's opponent of the day, but in a way that Microsoft comes off the better of the two.

I'd put more trust into something John Dvorak had to say than Mr. Lyons.

Comment Re:A free _netbook_? (Score 1) 435

Precisely. Now, for checking NewEgg prices, or adding books to my Amazon cart (not checking out, just adding things) or checking mail (which google has already) or... well, any number of walking around sort of tasks, it'd be a handy sort of thing.
Even more so if it read PDFs.

Considering ChromeOS is a thin client, and mandates network storage, I'd assume that some sort of internet access is required for usage, and I'd hope it would be cell phone style like the Kindle. Now, text only, maybe, but I could live with that.

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