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Comment Re:Shocking news: (Score 1) 387

in the types of games many of us are playing it's also very difficult to see with split screen. in my game room I have two televisions and two ps3 and 360. in the past the only games we would end up playing in the same room would be the games with same screen gameplay like fighting games, side scroller, or overhead shooters. no one wanted to play left 4 dead or motorstorm when it was split screen

Comment Re:Ghost of the turbotouch 360 calling (Score 1) 49

could also use both index fingers to swipe while using the left analog. there are possibilities there like

i) using one or the other (player would prefer swiping one or other finger depending on the direction they are turning)
ii) tracking both simultaneously for additional acceleration
ii) tracking both for error correcting fine movements without requiring an aim mode to reduce sensitivity too much

Comment Re:Break em up into episodes (Score 2, Interesting) 462

quite a few of the 40+ hours games are open world games that aren't organized linearly. the story missions are sometimes only one part of the game, the others being free form action, mini games, side missions, upgrading/customizing, etc. One could typically "finish" the game in a shorter span by following story missions only, however that's not what many find fun about that type of game.

Comment Re:depends on the meaning of "for real" (Score 5, Informative) 443

The protection for AC2 is tacked on. Settlers 7 received somewhat better protection and there is no working server emulator for it yet. In the future it will be more dynamic and most likely include server side game logic. The significance of it not being truly cracked even with a basic protection as in AC2 is this: every time Ubisoft releases a new game then the pirates must play through the entire game collecting the values which can take a few weeks to get 100% unless the process can somehow be automated. This is over and above any changes to the protocol used to communicate between the client and server between games which the cracker must code for to capture those values.

Comment depends on the meaning of "for real" (Score 5, Informative) 443

Skidrow put their own copy protection on the crack because they simply placed the values from the emulator into a dll. It's nice and convenient to have a dll return the values instead of a server however if they had actually cracked then they would have also cracked the other games for which the emulator doesn't currently exist.

So yes, Assassin's Creed 2 is playable but their copy protection is only broken in the sense that AC2 designers decided to make the server-client for this game return static responses that can be collected and eventually make the game playable for pirates.

Comment Re:Atom (Score 1) 199

That said, the GPU acceleration is at the moment only for video and requires a GPU that supports DXVA. Eventually GPU acceleration will apply to more software. For example, firefox and Internet Explorer will soon have GPU acceleration of their rendering.

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