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Comment Re:Real world equivalents (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Point of order:

Most cities/townships actually try to notify the businesses at least 3 months beforehand, and go out of their way (in most cases) to accommodate the businesses affected.

There's also the demonstrable need to do road maintenance, else the entrance to your business eventually winds up a potholed obstacle course.

Comment Re:Sucks to be him (Score 1) 298

This, right here.

I had exactly two instances of this.

The first one was looking for some woman. I simply asked to speak to the supervisor, explained that I had just got the phone number, and that was that.

The second had some asshat of a debt collection company. After trying to convince them I wasn't that guy, and the chick on the other end not transferring me to a supervisor, I finally told them the following: "Put up or shut up - take me to court - I fucking dare you to sue me." I never heard from them again.

I like the recording thing you mentioned, though :)

Comment Re:Limiting your market (Score 1) 399

Not loo long ago, it used to be quite the opposite... Crysis, Unreal Tournament (towards the end of the series), and many more had hardware specs that, while they would technically run on ordinary machines, would almost demand that you go out and buy a fire-breather just to run the stuff. The reason why had less to do with developer ego than with the fact that graphics programming was still mostly in infancy back then, coupled with the fact that GPUs were fairly new tech. Hardware was also evolving pretty damned fast back then - nowadays most improvements are incremental at best.

(Though to be fair, id Software was historically pretty good about making games that ran fairly well on fairly crap specs.)

Comment Re:Maybe they'll sell of Alienware... (Score 2) 150

And then it'll stop being an overpriced joke where the only cool part is that you just paid 500 dollars to get a fancy LED on your case.

Oh wait, what the fuck is cool about that shit?

Admittedly, it was cool back in 1998 at the LAN parties - but only if you soldered the little bastard on yourself.

Same with the lucite case window, the jerry-rigged liquid cooling system, the LED lights inside, the massive power supply, and the ginormous fan bolted on the side - just to make it look as if your bargain-basement system actually needed the same CFM rating as a Peterbilt radiator fan**.

'course, those days are long-the-hell gone, but I'm man enough to admit that I got into it once. I'll even admit to a twinge of nostalgia when I think about it.

** true story - I bolted an old 12" Amstrad cooling fan onto the side of a case once, just to see my old LAN buddies' eyes pop out. At 110VAC (1/2 the rated voltage), it ran whisper quiet, but having to find an extra plug was a bitch sometimes.

Comment Re:Little weasels... (Score 1) 505

FYI: CenturyLink already does #2, and their DSL service is crap. ...they used to satisfy condition #3 out in my area, until Charter moved in... at least 3/4 of my neighborhood immediately switched. I suspect the rest are marking time, waiting for their contracts to die off. With Dish doing uncapped Internet Satellite, I suspect options are only getting better for the typical (read: non-gaming) farmers and retirees who live out here.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong... (Score 1) 1388

Unless they start making only electric-firing cartridges (e.g. Remington's failed Etronic type), then make it so that the primer only kicks off after a super-funky software key exchange? Well, it is pretty trivial to take one of a zillion existing firing-pin trigger mechanism designs out there, and customize one to suit the gun.

Considering the existence of reloading gear and the stupendous mass of existing guns + ammunition? At low-end guessing, "long-term" would be at least a century before the stuff sitting around today got too expensive to use, even if you banned all existing "dumb" guns and ammunition today.


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