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Comment I'm an Apple Fan... (Score 1) 232

and man, if 32 and 37 are their options, the software had better be very compelling. Although there is a TON of room for improvement in TV software. And I guess the apple TV plus your 50" plasma is always an option for bigger screen size.

Of course I should also admit that I've never owned a TV and do not foresee one in my future.

Comment Re:Optical Drives are Mandatory for Most People (Score 1) 440

Agreed. I think it is amazingly arrogant that because some people buy all their stuff [online with music stores and DRM] on CD-ROM that they think they entire world does the same thing. Real people still have [CDs] floppies we've collected over the years. Retail outlets still sell music on [CDs] audio tape, they still sell software on [CDs] floppies, and they still sell movies on [DVDs] VHS. If no one used this stuff then why are they still being sold?

What is the proper pejorative word that's the opposite of Luddite? I'm tired of those gadget freaks who think the world revolves and them and the latest thing they bought.

1997 called and ftfy

They couldn't figure out what happened to the "s" element, so they just used brackets...

Comment Re:Jobs must have went (Score 1) 424

It will be interesting to watch this executive team and if they can continue to make new products rather than milk the old ones, but I agree that they will most likely carry on the culture of Apple. The question is about the next generation: Did Steve include passing that culture on in the culture itself?

Comment Re:Eventually, sure (Score 1) 185

(Siri requires always-on connectivity, making it a poor fit for a non-3G Touch)

It sounds like you are assuming that Siri is something that is a primary interface with the device rather than secondary.
I'd bet dollars to donuts there will never be a 3G Touch

Comment Re:Asus Transformer TF101 (Score 1) 270

And Apple knows that Android tablets are a real threat; that's why they have been filing all these bogus patent claims against Samsung (another company that makes very nice tablets). If iPads were selling based on how good they are, Apple wouldn't have to play these evil tricks.

You seriously think that? You know that there are plenty of markets in which Samsung doesn't have an injunction against selling tablets, right? You know that their tablets aren't selling, right?

"man, if we just had Germany and Australia we'd be killing!" What?

Comment Re:It will .... (Score 1) 478

In my chemistry class my teacher never made me memorize the periodic table (e.g. name, number, weight) which is all my mom remembers doing in her chemistry class (she remembers memorizing, not the data). I learned plenty and eventually got tired of flipping to the table to look up 12.01 for carbon or what have you. And all the non common elements (or additional data beyond weights) were still there for me to look up when I needed to.

I did go through the usual arithmetic training but I still occasionally have trouble with some basic multiplication despite spending lots of time on memorization (6's 7's & 8's are a little iffy) I would have loved to do some number-sense training instead of memorizing.

Anyway, I kind of agree with you, but at the same time, sooner or later if you actually use the skill (addition, chemistry) you probably won't grind it out with a calculator/periodic table.

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