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Comment Re:Retire at 20 (Score 1) 358

I sold my company for $1.5 million. All the various taxes took about $600,000. I invested the remaining $900,000 in high tech stocks (in 1999) and a big house. Tech stocks crashed in 2000 and my house is worth less than I paid for it. When all is said and done I have about $300,000 left from $1.5 million.

Comment Re:Does *any* industry start a new union anymore? (Score 2) 761

> IT workers can be especially painful to people financially, when motivated to do so. Black hats aren't people to take lightly.

"If you smash my other knee with that baseball ball, I *SWEAR* to God I will change your password and sign you up for more spam than you can possibly imagine!"

Comment Re:Yogurt does the same thing (Score 1) 183

Kefir is easy to make, once you have a starting culture. Just drop a glob of the starting "seed" into milk. Leave out overnight away from heat or sunlight. The Kefir will eat all the milk and give you a big jar of Kefir. Run the Kefir through a strainer. Drink the liquid. Put the solids back into the jar with new milk. Repeat daily.

I'm not sure if the store bought Kefir still has live culture in it. I got mine from a friend who got it from a friend etc. Been drinking it for years from that one starter "seed".

Comment Re:1. Go into management, or (Score 1) 418

> 2. Start your own company

I went this way. It's rewarding but tough. The biggest challenge is you have to spend 100% of your time being a salesman for your company, and the other 100% of your time DOING THE WORK that you sold. If OP is "not a people person" he may find it difficult to become a salesperson.

Although let's face it, no matter what job you have you are a salesperson and the product is yourself.

Comment Re:The DMCA (Score 5, Insightful) 455

Yes, they are clearly crazy and stupid. So make a new video mocking them! The more outrageous the better. Use their own stupidity in your video. Find out what other crazy beliefs they hold and promote and include those. You may have noticed that John Stewart and Sarah Silverman get more views than some wrinkled prune screaming about the apocalypse.

Or have a contest to see who can make the funnier mocking video. Let us all in on the fun!

Comment Re:LOL, American "democracy"! (Score 1) 584

It's too late for that. Corporations have become multinational and bigger and more powerful than many individual national governments. If any one country tries to suppress a corporation's reach they will move to another country while "punishing" and removing the politicians who helped to suppress them.

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