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Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 263

> the apps I run can only run on Windows
> > I suppose you mean "the apps I want to run are only available on Windows", because obviously there is no such thing as software that is only able to run on Windows. A computer running Windows is just a turing machine, like any other computer and thus cannot execute code another computer can't.

Shit. Is this my ex-wife? It sure sounds like her.

Comment Re:Retire at 20 (Score 1) 358

I sold my company for $1.5 million. All the various taxes took about $600,000. I invested the remaining $900,000 in high tech stocks (in 1999) and a big house. Tech stocks crashed in 2000 and my house is worth less than I paid for it. When all is said and done I have about $300,000 left from $1.5 million.

Comment Re:Does *any* industry start a new union anymore? (Score 2) 761

> IT workers can be especially painful to people financially, when motivated to do so. Black hats aren't people to take lightly.

"If you smash my other knee with that baseball ball, I *SWEAR* to God I will change your password and sign you up for more spam than you can possibly imagine!"

Comment Re:Yogurt does the same thing (Score 1) 183

Kefir is easy to make, once you have a starting culture. Just drop a glob of the starting "seed" into milk. Leave out overnight away from heat or sunlight. The Kefir will eat all the milk and give you a big jar of Kefir. Run the Kefir through a strainer. Drink the liquid. Put the solids back into the jar with new milk. Repeat daily.

I'm not sure if the store bought Kefir still has live culture in it. I got mine from a friend who got it from a friend etc. Been drinking it for years from that one starter "seed".

Comment Re:1. Go into management, or (Score 1) 418

> 2. Start your own company

I went this way. It's rewarding but tough. The biggest challenge is you have to spend 100% of your time being a salesman for your company, and the other 100% of your time DOING THE WORK that you sold. If OP is "not a people person" he may find it difficult to become a salesperson.

Although let's face it, no matter what job you have you are a salesperson and the product is yourself.

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