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Comment Re:Problem with literal interpretation (Score 1) 1014

This is the (beginning of the) age of maturity of mankind: interpret scripture yourself.

Before the return of Christ, there were rabbis, priests, mullahs, gurus, etc to guide the faithful. But now, God expects us to grow up and deal with multiple interpretations, seek out truth independently, consult with others as equals, and come to our own understanding.

Comment Problem with literal interpretation (Score 0) 1014

A literal interpretation of holy writings soon leads to confusion, obscures the truth, and makes it unnecessarily hard for rational individuals to realize the spiritual truths enshrined therein.

The stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses provide spiritual teachings, such as: “God the Creator”, “God the Protector”, “God the Provider” - they are not historical accounts.

In this day, now that Christ has returned, such stories, and the teachings they provide can be viewed as the necessary steps and fundamental building blocks of our current task: to build the Kingdom of God on Earth.

PS. The return of Christ:

Submission + - Leap, Laugh, Levitate (

rajuda writes: Recently, I happened to see on TV a strange spectacle. Scores of people at a congregation were trying to levitate. And the saffron clad guru was egging them on. It was hilarious.

Submission + - Google Says Smartphone Sites ArenÃÂÂ (

An anonymous reader writes: Perhaps you’ve noticed the lack of mobile sites in your mobile search results. Most likely you’re using a smartphone. The two are closely related, and bode poorly for ecommerce companies focusing search-engine-optimization resources on their smartphone sites. In a recent question-and-answer session, Google’s John Mueller, webmaster trends analyst, highlighted the core challenge: Smartphone content is not “mobile” content by Google’s definition.

Submission + - New Nao robot and $15 million investment (

mikejuk writes: Everyone's favourite robot, Aldebaran's Nao, has received two important boosts to its success. There's a new and improved model and an investment of $15 million towards further development.
With plans for a human sized robot in the near future Nao could be the development platform that produces the software for real robots.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - Wireless Group Plots Wi-Fi Resurgence As 3G/4G Alt (

hypnosec writes: Wireless hotspots may be increasingly used in the future to complement 3G and 4G services as dozens of companies, including some of the world's biggest telecommunications companies, will meet up in Paris next week to discuss plans to start trials for Next Generation Hotspot technology during an event organised by the Wireless Broadband Alliance.

The NGH aims at providing with cellular-like, secure and seamless auto-authentication and connectivity experience on home and roaming partners’ network through commercial frameworks such as WRiX (Wireless Roaming Intermediary Exchange).

Read more:

Submission + - Are nudging technologies ethical?

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers are debating the ethics of so-called 'nudging technologies' — ambient technology systems designed to shape or influence human behaviour, such as this installation which encourages people to take the stairs rather than the lift by using hanging coloured balls to represent stairs vs lift usage. A researcher on the project said: "Most people when we asked them, 'Do you think this has changed your behaviour?', they said no. But the data showed that it had actually done that."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Should You Buy The HTC Sensation 4G? (

PaulPaulson writes: "As Android smartphones continue to evolve the spec sheets will continue to get more and more ridiculous. Case in point, the HTC Sensation 4G, the most feature filled phone you can buy today and the perfect combination of beauty and brawn. But is the Sensation worth purchasing with your hard earned cash? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the HTC Sensation 4G."

Submission + - Can MongoDB become King of NoSQL ? | Unixmen (

coldsystem writes: "Non-relational databases are an alternative to SQL databases and would rather call themselves ‘big data DBs’, say the pros in the industry. Calling non-relational mongodb_logodatabases as ‘No SQL’ is in a way misleading as this a ‘dynamic’ database platform. The most remarkable amongst the free structured data DB’s is MongoDB."

Submission + - ADP Experiences Security Breach (

wiredmikey writes: HR and Payroll outsourcing giant Automatic Data Processing, Inc., (ADP) experienced a system intrusion the company announced today. In an announcement this afternoon, ADP said that it was investigating and taking measures to address the impact of a system intrusion that occurred with a client at Workscape, a benefits administration provider that ADP acquired in August 2010.

ADP has also been actively cooperating with law enforcement to determine the cause of this incident and to assist authorities in identifying and apprehending those responsible.

ADP added the following in a statement released this afternoon:

"Because this incident is the subject of an ongoing law enforcement investigation, ADP cannot disclose any additional details at this time. ADP will provide further updates once information that can be made public becomes available, and we will continue to communicate with all affected parties as appropriate."

With nearly $9 billion in revenues and about 550,000 clients, ADP is one of the world's largest providers of HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration solutions


Submission + - Report: Get Spent Nuclear Fuel Into Dry Storage (

RedEaredSlider writes: A report from the Institute for Policy Studies says that the spent nuclear fuel currently stored in pools at dozens of sites in the U.S. poses a danger and should be moved into dry storage as soon as possible.

The report, authored by Robert Alvarez, who served as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Secretary of Energy during the Clinton administration, says the problem is that too often the spent fuel pools are storing more fuel — and more highly radioactive fuel — than they were designed for.


Submission + - Russian Firm Cracks iPhone Encryption (

RedEaredSlider writes: A Russian software forensics firm has reported that it cracked the encryption on an iPhone, though it requires physical possession of the device.

Elcomsoft, which provides password recovery software and security audits, said it was able to decrypt an image of the data on iOS 4 devices. But the firm said it could only do so if it had the iPhone or iPad itself, as some of the encryption keys are stored in the hardware.

Apple uses the Advanced Encryption Standard, with a 256-bit key. The length of the key is usually considered strong enough that even law-enforcement agencies would have trouble breaking it. A "brute force" attack, using every possible key combination, would take billions of years for even the fastest computer to do.


Submission + - Escaping the poverty trap (

grrlscientist writes: Scientists ask: "Which is the most effective way for the government to help people climb out of poverty: give them money or give them health care?"

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