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Comment Re:Whose trust is being violated here? (Score 1) 847

Sorry, but if I lived in an active war zone, was driving to work, and came across a bunch of freshly made corpses and one non-uniformed wounded guy flopping about, I'm not so sure I'd endanger my own children by stopping... especially considering it wasn't hard to tell which side was which based on appearance and equipment.

  Also, given the various other tactics used by AQI and their umbrella affiliates, to include tactics expressly forbidden by the Geneva convention, and their blatant, constant attempts to manipulate public opinion via media deception... well, they're kinda proven repeat offenders in the liar department. You'll have to pardon me if I take what's said with a grain of salt.

As for your request for citation, it doesn't matter which one of us is right in regards to #2, they made themselves a legal target (See #3). As far as actually producing the citation, the last time I spent any thought on this incident was 2+ years ago, and being the lazy guy I am, unless you reaaaaaaly want me to go digging, I'm disinclined to do so ;) Especially for a single point of disputed information made moot by another point of law.

Comment Re:Whose trust is being violated here? (Score 2) 847

The collateral murder video shows unarmed civilians (including a reporter) being killed by US helicopters. The incident was later covered up by the US military. It was not, by and stretch of the imagination, a friendly fire incident. The criminal act exposed was the coverup.

Yep. All fine and dandy until you realize a few things like:

1. The video was edited to remove context. Assange admitted this much.
2. The van with the kids was observed dropping off armed insurgents prior to the scene in the original wikileaks video thus making it a legitimate target.
3. Under the Law of Armed Conflict, aiding combatants makes you a combatant.
4. AQI SOP was to pick up weapons to stage fake 'civilian' massacres to use as recruiting tools.
5. Reporters were required to have specific types of markings on them to make sure air units could recognize them. These guys weren't wearing them.
6. Hanging around with guys toting AKs and RPGs in an active warzone where the other side has air support orbiting your position is not a smart idea.
7. In fact, hanging around with armed combatants makes you a legitimate target under the Law of Armed Conflict.

Given #2 through #4, the van was a legitimate target and was serviced appropriately. Given #4 through 7, the "reporters" had made themselves into legitimate targets, either knowingly or through their own negligence. It sucks for their friends/families; but play stupid games, win stupid prizes, good shoot.

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