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Comment Speaking of complexity (Score 1) 381

I was just reading this article and I stopped at this paragraph, unable to understand it:

"Standing Accretion Shock Instability," or SASI. This term expresses the fact that the initial sphericity of the supernova shock wave is spontaneously broken, because the shock develops large-amplitude, pulsating asymmetries by the oscillatory growth of initially small, random seed perturbations."

No clue if that could be expressed in a more simpler form.

Comment Re:I'm not a computer scientist, and... (Score 1) 135

Part of the answer is the "magic" of matrix math. You can represent multiple linear equations in every row of a matrix and when you apply one operation (add, multiply, etc) you performed it on all your encoded equations inside the matrix.

If you can, for example, represent your problem in a linear equation (algebra) then you can also formulate 50 similar equations. You want to "transform" all your equations by some operation (lets say divide by 20), so instead of calculating 50 times that operation for every equation you just do it once if you encode them in a matrix.

This started in graphics when you wanted to apply the same operation to many pixels on a screen (i.e. apply a shading rule), so that's why video cards have these massive processing power on pixels.

Comment Re:A hard time keeping on the forefront? (Score 1) 605

Good point. I think the natural evolution will be to offload the workload that is currently on the cellphone/tablet and balance it to PCs and Servers.

For example, how many times you are stuck with a big file on your cellphone that you wish you could store it in your PC and also share it to the "cloud".
Why can't the cellphone, PC and cloud talk to each other so whenever there is some connectivity they can update each other?
Eventually the information you use/consume on these three platforms will be different.

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