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Comment Re:Don't trust hardware you don't own. (Score 1) 73

Perfectly said but, when you are giving away the keys you are trusting your cloud provider 100%.

When your boss asks you, are we 100% sure that we can trust the cloud what would you say?

The government/hacker group can come to your cloud provider and shut you down base on something done without warning. Usually done by one of your employees, or the cloud provider employees. Probably they were hosting something illegal/controversial in your cloud space without you knowing. How do you recover? How do you setup gigabytes of data and code on another server in a short time?

Comment Re:But what is "staying up to date"? (Score 1) 388

So true.

When working on a new project I set the objectives and the architecture and then force my way through looking how to design and implement it.
Sometimes is PHP, sometimes is Java but I know when something has to work and I just research/google the missing part.

Keeping an open mind and making the right design decisions comes with experience.

Comment If you are a procedural programmer... (Score 1) 388

Amazingly there are a lot of procedural programers out there that still have to bend their minds around Object Oriented Development.
You can take the courses for java, C# and other OOP languages but you will be left wondering why all the trouble to apparently do the same thing.

You need to read "Object-oriented Software Construction" by Bertrand Meyer
Written at the beginning of the OO methodologies (circa 1998)

It was required reading when I was in University and many concepts he explains in his book are very valid today.

Comment International IT Professional Organization (Score 1) 761

If not a Union at least a professional organization where employer abuses are discussed and notices sent to members not to work for them OR work for them at a premium.

I present to you EA as an example. Where more and more people are thinking twice about working for them if they have a choice.

This has to be a truly global/international organization, since the unit of work and the work environment have been virtualized.
We need to setup international chapters/branches for all the countries where this work can be off-shored and contracted, this way we keep the membership informed on work conditions, remuneration and decisions made by the organization.

If this works, there wouldn't be a need for Anonymous, a simple alert bulletin to all affected members could render any offending employer without any professional services at a global scale.

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