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Comment Re:wtf (Score 1) 270

Yeah, a few top developers are making a killing. It's everyone else that gets screwed!

Again, the numbers are in -- if you want to make money selling apps, iOS is absolutely not the place for you!

I know, you absolutely hate the truth. Get over it. The FACTS are in, and they are NOT in your favor!

Enjoy your outdated UI and clunky half-assed gesture suite. I hope they bring you comfort as the world moves on without you.

Comment Re:also why other pro apps will not be in other ap (Score 1) 270

Developers make more money than anywhere else

That's obviously FALSE. Do a google search. On which platform are developers earning the most money? Oh, NOT Apple's iOS!

Except they make more. Much, much more. Even Google makes more money from iOS than they make from Android!

Sorry, the FACTS contradict your fantasy.

Why do you enjoy getting shafted?

Comment Re:also why other pro apps will not be in other ap (Score 1) 270

And the user is better off for it!

You're confused. When has a monopoly EVER benefited consumers?

(The answer you're looking for is "never".)

And by doing so, Apple has created the most successful app store ever.

Successful for Apple, not so much for consumers or developers! See, as a consumer, that a particular vendor earns the most profits just means that I'm getting screwed. As a developer, the fact that I make LESS on iOS than on other platforms makes their store seem, well, not at all successful.

I never thought I'd see a company openly shaft vendors and their own customers only to see those same clients turn around and sing their abusers praises! It's like you're suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

Apple fan's typical response to flagrant abuse.

"Thank you, sir! May I have another?"

Comment Re:wtf (Score 2) 270

Do Safeway and Target ban magazines from their rack for including mail-in subscription cards? Apple does the equivalent.

Does Target ban the sale of blueray players that include support for netflix/hulu/amazon (allowing the user to purchase video content from other stores)? Apple does the equivalent.

It's called "commerce" and you go where the money is. On mobile, the money is on iOS

Don't be stupid. For all but a few vendors, iOS is NOT the place for app developers interested in earning real money. Do some reading.

The truth is that people go where they *think* the money is -- even in the face of evidence to the contrary. That won't last forever. Apple won't be able to get away with their abusive practices for much longer.

Comment Re:I'll say. They need to (Score 1) 171

I am always accidentally closing applications,

How? Do you accidentally swipe up from the bottom bezel to shrink the app, then accidentally touch it again and swipe up to the top bezel?

(remember how version 2 of the software was going to make it so much greater, then it was delayed for months and finally did almost nothing)

No? I remember how version 2 brought substantial and dramatic changes to, well, just about everything.

Are you sure you're using a PlayBook?

Comment Re:They're taking the right approach (Score 1) 171

I see. Still, other phones can't do some things a BlackBerry can do. I hesitate to offer any as I'm likely to get shouted down as pale analogs of whatever I suggest will be offered as evidence against the point.

Take MDM, for example. Just about every smartphone features it, but none come close to the level of control or number of features offered by RIM. iMessage was touted as a BBM killer even though it was laughably incomplete in comparison. I've yet to see true push email on anything other than a BB (SMS trigged pull, delayed response, idle, etc. aren't push!) but half-assed solutions on other platforms are billed as "push" and users believe it.

I've even seen people compare the ability of their phone to act as a wifi hotspot to features like bridge. Really. Another user thought that Balance and the ability to add a second user account were completely identical!

I could point to older features that never found their way to iOS and Android like AutoText, but that's not very exciting. The point, of course, is that the competition never really matched BB on features. Features, that is, that a lot of users simply don't want to live without. There are unique BB features that you won't find on alternative platforms. BB10 makes this more apparent, of course, but it's as true today as it was in 2005.

Comment Re:Apps are all that count. (Score 1) 171

If it doesn't come with a fully functional Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Angry Birds etc then it is virtually dead. Not barely working apps but fully working apps that are equal to their iOS / Android counterparts

Wow, it's a good that that BB10 will have all of that. You've got all of that on the PlayBook now. (one exception: no official twitter app. You can run the Android version on the PlayBook though).

As for quality, hell, the Facebook app on older BlackBerry phones kicks the shit out of the ridiculously poor iOS and Android versions. (Seriously, look it up.)

Research, it's easy.

Comment Re:They're taking the right approach (Score 1) 171

All the other stuff people are talking about here -- "connect to an Exchange server" and "view Excel spreadsheets" seem to be the most common -- can already be done by every other phone in existence. Those aren't awesome things your BB does.

Ummm... Yes, they are. You've been able to do those things for years. Yes, you've been able to connect to an Exchange Server without BES since before the iPhone even existed.

Reading nothing but the ridiculous comments here you'd think that the BB was little more than an inert lump of ugly plastic.

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