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Comment Re:LibreOffice Write is excellent... (Score 1) 479

Each cell as an individual object is not only obviously inefficient, it's absurdly so.

It's like some idiot kid who just learned about "oop" thought to himself "cells, that's a noun. I'll make a cell class!" without putting in any further thought. It's a laughably bad approach that you wouldn't expect from anyone even minimally competent.

That this is the approach initially used is beyond belief. That it's still the approach used stretches credulity!

Comment Re:Long live TeX and LaTeX (Score 4, Interesting) 479

They're all solving different problems. TeX is designed for typesetting, which HTML and Word formats aren't well-suited. HTML does structure well, but it's useless for typesetting. OOXML is a weird mix, not really well suited to either task. It's better than older formats, but it's still incredibly painful to generate, and near impossible to read. If I had to guess, it's designed to give MS the ability to say that the format is open, while still making it difficult for competitors to support.

Comment Re:idiots (Score 1) 414

Of course we did. We also moved on to better tools as our needs, and motor skills, developed.

DaVinci and Monet didn't work with finger-paints. Tolstoy didn't scratch out War and Peace across a public beach. You used a keyboard, and not a sandbox, to write this post.

Comment Re:Haha fail (Score 1) 118

We're talking about the UI here, not the size of the app store.

I'm not sure how to best explain it; it's like everything else is needlessly broken. I finally understand why so many WebOS users cling to their old pre 3's! I used to think the UI was impressive, a cut above the rest, but "not enough" to justify a switch. How wrong I was.

WebOS users must have thought the whole world had gone mad. They were zipping around in jet packs while everyone around them was buzzing with excitement over the latest ox cart.

BB10 (sensibly) steals a lot of the good ideas found in WebOS, and adds a few of their own. We can debate which one is better, sure, but it's clear they're both *still* well ahead of the pack as far as the UI is concerned. Everything else just feels ... crippled ... like I've traveled back in time.

Comment Re:Didn't know it launched. (Score 1) 76

For example, 1.1 just got MMS capabilities. Based on just this alone, 1.0 would have just been laughed out of the market.

Funny, the first iPhone didn't support MMS and it manged to survive.

I expect you'll see them ramp up their marketing efforts as the software becomes more feature-complete. Until then, it's just not ready for end users.

They made how many for the first go round again? Something like 1000 that they only sold through eBay? I'm going to guess that they don't think it's ready for end users either.

Comment Re:quicksort better than OOP? (Score 1) 598

Objects can be handy when used appropriately. I don't know that anyone disputes that. OOP, however, isn't even a coherent concept. That's my objection.

Putting that in context here, quicksort is an important algorithm. It's well understood and can be taught. OOP is nebulous and incoherent. It cannot be taught as no one can even agree on so much as its basic constituents! You'll even find people who don't agree that objects are essential to OOP. In short: whatever you teach, you'll find a large number of people who will not agree that what you're teaching is OOP.

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