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Comment Re:Isn't the Android platform hobbyist-enough? (Score 1) 207

So my answer to your moronic inquiry was completely appropriated.

No, it was not. Stupid German pig. My question to you stands alone. Are you embarassed by your comment? If I were a stupid German pig like you, I'd certainly be embarrassed!

I don't know, but most people working with pigs claim they are pretty smart.

That's true. Pigs are smarter than the average German.

Comment Re:Isn't the Android platform hobbyist-enough? (Score 1) 207

So... Are you saying that it's my fault that you can't manage to write a simple post?

You Germans just love to blame other people for your failings, don't you? Pitiful.

Oh, you STILL haven't managed to address my original comment. Are you implying that scripting is inherently insecure?

I don't blame you for avoiding that question. You'll look foolish no matter how you answer. (Not that it will matter much. You should be used to looking foolish by now.)

Comment Re:Marriage? (Score 2) 534

Lot's of people think that marriage is important and worthwhile for reasons completely irrelevant to your pitifully naive play-pretend analysis.

Things like "commitment", for example, are awful important to people in "any personal relationship".

The popularity of marriage does not in any way indicate that we're losing our right and freedoms. It's not the governments fault that the biggest commitment you've ever made to a "relationship" is deciding to pay by the minute or by the hour.

Comment Re:Tech isn't the problem it's bad parenting (Score 4, Funny) 534

I certainly doubt that the Amish are too worried about their correspondence being intercepted and read by the NSA.

What would they read on AmishNet?

My trusted friend Eli,

Your humorous rendering of that unhappy cat made me burst forth with laughte!. I've since shared it with the rest of the community, many of whom have dutifully reproduced your work during their precious few evening hours to share with our bretheren across the country. I trust you'll forgive me for my presumption.

Faithfully yours,
Jacob Yoder

Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

The problem of evil isn't exactly evidence, certainly not in the empirical sense. Besides, if you wanted to use an argument, you could have picked a much better argument than that!

Remember Leibniz'? Do babies with cancer and Tsunamis get you down? All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds!

No, you're more likely to remember "Bevis and Butthead": "You need stuff that sucks to have stuff that's cool".

You let me down.

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