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Comment Re:It tried to follow the plot (Score 4, Insightful) 726

It was pretty easy to connect back in 1997, even in rural areas:

Step 1: Walk to the mail box
Step 2: Remove the daily unsolicited floppy disk
Step 3: Follow the printed instructions

Welcome to the Information Super Highway!*

*Long distance charges may apply if you do not select a LOCAL AOLnet phone number. Please check with your local telephone company if you have a question.

Comment Re:MechanicalTurk (Score 1) 169

They've already been shelling out free porn

People still pay for pornography? Don't they have the internet? Are they solving printouts of CAPCHA's?

Honestly, there's no need in this modern age to embarrass yourself at the gas-n-go, milling around waiting for the matronly old woman to take a break so that you can ask the pothead with the trainee badge to go round to the rack behind the counter. Anything you want is just a click away.

Comment Re: Blackberry's back! (Score 1) 83

The same could have been said about Apple circa 1986. "Apple has no focus, no goal,, no vision, no direction to go."

For all we know, in a few years we'll see the triumphant of the former co-CEO's as an important turning point. We'll watch Apple decline and say "Well, Apple doesn't have a Lazaridis. Not even vaguely close. Not by a light year."

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