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Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

Or, huge amounts physical evidence has shown what any sane person would consider proof that their parent was a pathological lair.

There's evidence, for example, that god doesn't exist? That would be some pretty big news. (Not just for religious people; think of the consequences for science, philosophy, etc.) Did I miss the Slashdot headline?

Unless your comment was just out of context, and you really do mean that the kid is exposed to evidence that suggests that their parents are pathological liars. That's a different story.

Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

Scientific explanation of the origin of the universe [] and life []. Looks like my confusion isn't an issue here, and that science does work that way.

First, being able to posit a naturalistic explanation does not make that explanation scientific. Science does not work that way.

As to your links, try reading them. You'll quickly discover why the second falls under the above, and the first does not address the parents claim.

On your ridiculous "begging the question" paragraph: You couldn't possibly be more wrong. To commit the fallacy "begging the question" you must be making a logical argument in which one of the premises assumes the conclusion. You used the term in an informal way, but not in such a way as it relates to the (or any other) logical fallacy. Nor was the parent making a logical argument and could therefore not have committed a logical fallacy in the first place.

I blame the late great Carl Sagan for his well-intentioned (but worse than useless) baloney detection kit. It popularized the concept of logical fallacies, but didn't popularize logic! Now, every autodidact science cheerleader on the internet thinks they understand formal logic and what a logical fallacy is (even though they haven't a clue) and misuse them (and those they completely make-up) at every opportunity.

When I see someone say "logical fallacy" on the internet now, I assume that they're a moron. It's worked out well so far. I just wish I could get them to stop spreading anti-scientific nonsense under the guise of "improving" the public understanding of science.

Regardless, this was an objectively verifiable statement. Most people (in western society) are subject to burial or cremation after death. It's a conclusion drawn from a set of empirical observations. That's not science, in that there was no hypothesis, and there was no experiment. It is, however, fact.

Sure, but it does not in any way address the parents comment! Did you not understand him or are you being purposefully obtuse?

Maybe if I'm really lucky I'll even get you to address any of the points I brought up

Oh, you actually think that your post was coherent? Too funny!

Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

Science currently explains both of these without resorting to supernatural mysticism.

No, it does not. You're clearly confused. Science does not work that way.

Begging the question. How do you know we have a purpose in life to begin with?

That's completely outside the scope of scientific inquiry.

Usually burial or cremation. Statistics are available.

That's also not a scientific statement. It's a conclusion drawn from a set of metaphysical assumptions. That's not science.

I'm tempted to call you delusional, but I'll stick with "woefully misinformed".

Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

How about:

"Also like how Internet Atheists believe that they are expert historians, archaeologists, theologians, geologists, biologists, and physicists because other people agree with them."

Even better:

"Also like how Internet People believe that they are expert historians, archaeologists, theologians, geologists, biologists, and physicists because other people agree with them."

That's a neat game, loads of fun.

Oh, you thought you were saying something insightful? Sorry about that.

Comment Re:People are dumb panicky animals (Score 1) 373

You can't reason with the bottom 10% of skeptics like that. They can't handle anything outside the pitifully simple rhetoric handed down to them by the big-names that, well, are quite obviously taking advantage of their ignorance.

They tend to be positivists (the philosophical equivalent of geocentrists) which should indicate to you that they're not well equipped to handle things like science, evidence, reason, and logic.

The best they can do (and they genuinely feel important doing this) is to shout simple slogans like "religious people are delusional" and "ghosts don't exists" as though they were saying something unique, interesting, or informative.

They're a lost cause. You can't make them think.

Comment Re:ROCK STAR DEVELOPER NON-EXISTANT (Score 4, Insightful) 356

I was as well. I really don't like the guy I was in my late teens and early 20's.

Arrogance seems to stem from unrealized ignorance. At least that's how it was in my case. Being a big fish in a small pond certainly didn't help. Having everyone around you tell you how great you are doesn't exactly encourage you to grow personally or professionally.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

What promise?

When the author bought his season pass, he expected to get every episode in the season (the season was not split in two, at that point.) He expected 16 episodes to make up the entire season for the price he paid.

At the same time, had it bought a season pass on Amazon, he would have only paid for the episodes already out, then individually for new episodes as they arrived. (He would have paid per episode, less a discount for opting for the season pass.)

TODAY, now that the seasons are split, you KNOW that you only get 8 episodes when you buy Season 5. That was not the case when the author bought his season pass on iTunes. He rightly expected all 16 episodes for the advertised price.

Had he purchased a season pass on Amazon, he would have no right to complain. He would have known the price per episode and ONLY paid for the episodes that he received. He would have been slightly inconvenienced, needing to click "buy" to continue the previous arrangement for the second half of the season, now considered to be its own season.

Why is this so damn hard for you to understand? The author got screwed out of 8 episodes he rightly expected to get for the advertised price. The same could not be said had he opted to use Amazon instead of iTunes. On Amazon, then and now, you know EXACTLY what you're getting when you click "buy".

This isn't difficult.

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