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Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

What promise?

When the author bought his season pass, he expected to get every episode in the season (the season was not split in two, at that point.) He expected 16 episodes to make up the entire season for the price he paid.

At the same time, had it bought a season pass on Amazon, he would have only paid for the episodes already out, then individually for new episodes as they arrived. (He would have paid per episode, less a discount for opting for the season pass.)

TODAY, now that the seasons are split, you KNOW that you only get 8 episodes when you buy Season 5. That was not the case when the author bought his season pass on iTunes. He rightly expected all 16 episodes for the advertised price.

Had he purchased a season pass on Amazon, he would have no right to complain. He would have known the price per episode and ONLY paid for the episodes that he received. He would have been slightly inconvenienced, needing to click "buy" to continue the previous arrangement for the second half of the season, now considered to be its own season.

Why is this so damn hard for you to understand? The author got screwed out of 8 episodes he rightly expected to get for the advertised price. The same could not be said had he opted to use Amazon instead of iTunes. On Amazon, then and now, you know EXACTLY what you're getting when you click "buy".

This isn't difficult.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

The episodes included are listed. That thecurrent season is inexplicably split in to two seasons is irrelevant as you see EXACTLY what you're getting for 13.99.

This isn't rocekt science. When the author bought his season pass, he rightly expected 16 episodes for the amount he paid up-front. On Amazon, you know exactly what you're paying for as you only pay for what is currently available.

There is no lie here. No deception. That's the difference between Amazon and iTunes at the time the author made his purchase.

I can only explain this very simple thing so many times. Use your head!

Comment Re:I bought a 4.... that's enough (Score 1) 773

Yes, yes I do.

You have no idea how awesome having a stylus can be -- and how painful it was to give up at the end of the PDA era.

It's so much better for so many different applications. My phone and tablet feel so limited without support for a proper stylus. Those fake-fat-finger jobs don't even come close.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

Actually it doesn't. I just checked and Amazon has the final 8 episodes as Season 6 in their catalog.

Yes, it has the last 8 as season 6 -- but when bought the pass for season 5, you only paid for what was already out and then paid (automatically) for the remaining episodes as they became available. You didn't pay a flat-rate expecting to get all the episodes in season 5 for that price only to discover later that you only got half of the episodes.

That's the key difference here. You knew exactly what you were getting with each transaction.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

Apparently you didn't, as otherwise you'd notice that I already address the first part of your post.

I should also point out, as you're clearly confused, that the price per episode is exactly the same for the first and second half of season 5. You'll pay exactly the same amount regardless of it being split in two.

Your price difference non-fact is 100% wrong. The $2.99/episode cost is for the HD version. That was the price of the HD version for the first half of season 5. You can buy the non-HD version for $1.99/episode (Ignoring, of course, the discount per episode if you buy a "season pass".)

See, you pay per episode on Amazon. The "season pass" charges you for what is out now (you know EXACTLY what you're getting) then per episode as they come out.

When you buy Season 5 on Amazon, now, it's clear that you're only getting 8 episodes (and it's priced accordingly) Had you signed up for a season pass when the first half of the season was still airing, you'd have paid for what had already aired, then per episode (automatically, as that's how a season pass works on Amazon.)

The fellow in the article bought a season pass for a flat rate which he believed would include every episode in season 5. On Amazon, it's obvious what you're getting and what you're paying. On Amazon, you might have expected to eventually get all 16, and you may be slightly disappointed that you need to sign-up for the second half, but you only actually pay for the 8 in the package.

One is clear and honest (Amazon), and the other is deceptive (Apple).

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