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Comment Re:Since when... (Score 1) 207

Are you a scientist? I don't think you are.

I'm starting to seriously doubt your credentials...

you can't just say shit like "the last thing we need is ___" without testing the damned hypothesis

That's not an hypothesis, not in the scientific sense at least, as it's not testable. Not for any given combination of 'we' and ___!

Comment Re:'programming is hard and boring.' (Score 1) 207

I haven't met anyone yet with the interest but not the aptitude. I taught computer programming to adult learners for several years as an optional part of a computer literacy series. I had exactly two students fail to complete the course -- both because they refused to do any of the exercises. You can't learn to program without programming, just like you can't learn to drive without driving.

Programming is absurdly simple. It's been my experience that anyone can learn to write computer programs with surprisingly little effort. This terrifies some people. I'll let you puzzle out why.

Comment Re:Good health in a pill? Sure, why not? (Score 1) 670

Junkie logic.

That's all this is. "Look, normal weight people can be unhealthy too!" (So it's okay that I'm obese...) "Personal responsibility never works!" (So I shouldn't even try...)

If we really want to solve the societal pandemic of obesity we need to completely discard the idea that it's caused by some personal moral failing

(It's not my fault that I can't control my diet or be bothered to exercise regularly. It's society!)

I've little doubt that this post will justify that package of Oreos you'll shovel down later. Damn society, keeping you fat.

Comment Re:Not true (Score 1) 392

I posted you a link which clearly shows:
Many states forbid either assault rifles or both kinds of weapons, e.g. New York AFAIK

Ah, I see. You just don't understand what you posted.

Give it another go. You'll figure it out. (Hint: It does support your claim. Quite the opposite, in fact.)

Comment Re:Not true (Score 1) 392

Let's review:

Private citizens can own handguns and assault rifles

This is true.

Many states forbid either assault rifles or both kinds of weapons, e.g. New York AFAIK

This is false.

Your earlier post supports my assertion, as it makes it very clear that the State of New York does not "forbid" "both kinds of weapons".

Comment Re:I'll fix that... (Score 2) 48

Well, it works acceptably on my BlackBerry Z10. Way better than jQuery Mobile at least, but that's not exactly a high-bar.

It works wonderfully on my bargain-basement Windows 7 netbook in Chrome 31, but doesn't work at all in FireFox 25 or IE 11.

I figure by that time it works acceptably in enough places, it'll be useless -- solving a problem no one has any more.

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