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Comment Re:A third reason is they gave it to us free (Score 1) 244

People who say Microsoft has backwards compatibility have never tried it!

Or they've had nothing but success.

A company I occasionally do work for dropped an old dos program that was in use since 1990 a couple years back. It was running just fine in Windows 7.

I've yet to see an old Windows program that wouldn't run. I've heard anecdotes, sure, but it's never been something I've actually encountered. The most I've ever had to do was check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" box and pick an old version of Windows. That happens so infrequently I can't even recall the name of any of those programs.

What are these mysterious applications that run just fine under WINE on your Mac that don't run in Windows 7?

Comment Re:Yes, but for most people... (Score 1) 208

I'm guessing you don't carry your Garmin with you everywhere you go.

Like most people, my GPS lives in the car. I don't lug it around when I'm not driving, I leave it in the car. What possible reason would I have to carry it with me at all times?

I like that my GPS has a large screen that's easy to read in sunlight. I love that it has a loud clear voice that can even integrate with my car stereo. It doesn't require a data plan, and doesn't run down the battery on my mobile.

The advantages of a dedicated device in this case are enormous. Sure, your phone might be "good enough to get by", but why settle for a second-rate solution when a better option is available? A good GPS isn't exactly expensive.

Comment Re:One trick pony (Score 2) 278

Times have changed.

That "Sent from by BlackBerry" at the bottom of an email was a sign of status. It said to the recipient "This guy is busy and important".

The similar "Sent from my iPhone" message today reads like an apology.

Comment Re:They copied Palm too well! (Score 1) 278

I blame HP.

In the hands of a competent company, and with some better hardware, WebOS could have killed Apple.

BlackBerry was wise to steal so many of their good ideas. The PlayBook and Z10 are a pleasure to use, due in no small part to the innovations pioneered by WebOS.

Comment Re:Dealt with them early on (Score 3, Interesting) 278

Before Apple, they had one of the best mobile browsers. Today, it's the best on the market. Apple's browser, in contrast, is now years behind everyone else.

"The problem wasn't that we stopped listening to customers, [...] We believed we knew better what customers needed long term than they did."

Sounds an awful lot like Apple as well...

Really, Apple today looks an awful lot like RIM in 2008 -- except that they're doing even less. Apple has taken 'resting on their laurels' to a whole new level.

Can you predict what will happen to Apple over the next few years? I have a pretty good idea.

Comment Re:Positron Collider (Score 1) 113

Ignoring the rest of the URL, which clearly does not point to a .dmg file, just about everyone can safely "click" links that end in .dmg as a dramatic majority of users do not own a Mac.

Further, why would the few Macs users, having downloaded such a file, blindly execute its contents?

Really, the only people who could possibly be in danger from such a link would necessarily be both a Mac users and unimaginably incompetent.

Comment Re:Some people... (Score 1) 621

rather than for those smart enough to see through it?

Pure hubris.

Intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with it. Neither on the believes side (you'll find brilliant religious people not only throughout history, but in the present day) nor on the atheist side (look no farther than slashdot for some of the thickest atheists the internet has ever seen.)

so gullible that they fall for supernaturalist nonsense

There are religions that lack supernatural components, you know. Perhaps you don't?

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