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Comment Re:javascriptards (Score 5, Insightful) 91

You're drowning. Sorry, but reality doesn't agree with your uninformed opinions. JS has been impressively stable, and cross-browser issues have been negligible for a long time now -- none of which, I'll remind you, have been language implementation compatibility issues.

Listening to you, one would think that the web barely functioned, with users needing multiple browsers, and various versions of each, to use a handful of sites. That's clearly not the case.

Here in reality, the web is developing nicely in to a convenient application platform. JS is an impressive language, far more sophisticated and capable than the alternatives you've suggested. (New and constructor functions were the big mistakes, leading to all sorts of confusion, and later hate, for those who didn't take the time to learn the language before using it. Luckily, they're unnecessary. Try actually learning the language. I'll bet your opinion will quickly change.)

also, bet your shit doesn't run on the browser on my son's non-smart net10 phone

I'll bet your python program doesn't run either. What was your point again? That you don't like JS or that the web is incapable of being used exactly how it's being used?

Comment Re:JavaScript Sucks, Rant [Re:Node.js] (Score 1) 536

Well, okay. It's never caused me any problems and it's been useful to me.

Your experience is different. You've never found it useful and it's caused you problems.

I'll bet we could make a whole list of common language features that match that. Should we call those design flaws as well?

Comment Re:Myths are socially hilarious (Score 1) 198

"is any of what I said an argument or am I trying to let the reader do my work?"

Neither. Teach a man to fish, you know?

I could provide an argument, but it's pointless. They'll just spout more nonsense in defense of the nonsense they're repeating. If you're ability to reason and understanding of logic is that poor, you're not equipped to handle it. Better to let them work out the details themselves. Thinking is skilled work, after all.

Comment Re:Myths are socially hilarious (Score 1) 198

Seriously? This isn't complicated.

If you visit any video sharing site, you'll find countless amateur videos purporting to be evidence of those 'kinds of things'. Now ask yourself: "Why don't these videos constitute evidence?"

Got it? Great, let's take that and apply it to the statement in question:

You would think the modern age of cameras in everyone's phones would produce evidence-a-plenty of these kinds of things.

Do you see the problem with that statement now?

This is what happens when people trust Randall Munroe to do their thinking for them. (See: xkcd 1235 for the origin of the parent's nonsense.)

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