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Comment Re:What is the point of this? (Score 1) 123

I think the OP was taking issue with the flexibility, not the OLED. If the screen is to be flexible, this only becomes useful if everything else it's attached to is also flexible

The selling point, according to the two-sentence summary, is that making the display flexible makes it "unbreakable". TFA doesn't offer any more detail, but the presumption is that the display won't shatter.

Comment Re:Who cares about? (Score 1) 262

I disagree. The pen is not only essential for many applications to which a tablet is uniquely suited, but superior to touch input in many more common applications. People immediately recognized this, and it's clear that they really want to use a pen, as evidenced by the countless third-party styluses that flooded the market shortly after the iPad hit the market.

Eliminating the stylus, and ridiculing its use, was a huge mistake on Apple's part. That will come back to bite them in the next few years as the market matures and consumers begin to demand that tables offer support for a proper stylus.

Comment Re: What if Apple.. (Score 1) 236

Not quite what I meant.

The argument was that Apple "missed the boat on what smartphone buyers really want" supported by Apple's share of the smartphone market. This was countered? first by suggesting that market share was irrelevant, which he then undercuts with his sales numbers comment. See, the only reason to cite high sales numbers comment is to imply that they hold a large portion of the market; that's why you'd make that argument against the parents claim.

Comment Re:Is anyone surprised? (Score 1) 236

I've seen all sorts of techno-hate on Slashdot. I've seen Microsoft hate and Apple hate, I've seen hate for countless programming languages. I've seen hate for just about every personality to make the front page. I've hated and even been hated in return!

But now I've see it all.

I've finally seen someone with what appears to be a pathological hatred for wrist watches.

Now we just need a wrist watch fanboy with a persecution complex.

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