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Comment Re:Microsoft seems not to understand. (Score 2) 381

It's true. Most people don't care about the OS. They're buying a tablet for internet and games.

Still, even for those of us that do care, I'd happily buy a competitively priced tablet from Microsoft if it ran whatever Windows software I wanted -- and had a real stylus.

If they can get something like the Surface Pro 2 down to around $300-$400, which is really only a matter of time, I don't see why they couldn't grab a good share. Add a few other players with their own hardware and I can see Microsoft really taking over the tablet market.

Comment Re:You're missing the point. (Score 1) 481

Most folks have zero worry about our "shadow" government arresting them

Exactly, most of us figured out years ago that the NWO shadow government are mere puppets controlled by the lizard men in the hollow earth. That's who they, and Apple, really fear.

They're the reason that TouchID was hacked so easily. The version Apple though they were manufacturing was secretly replaced while in transit. They're all a bunch of Android fanboys, after all.

Comment Re:If true (Score 1) 481

Conspiracy time. Okay.

So ... what would convince you? A few independent reproductions? Those could be faked the same way!

Apple admitting that the hack works? Just PR to save face / get people to stop talking about it. It's really super secure like they said earlier!

Trying the hack yourself? Perhaps you're in on the conspiracy as well -- and you don't even know it!

Comment Re:Easy! (Score 1) 481

That's "latex milk", which is not the same as milk and latex.

The article also suggests that they used white wood glue, which people are more likely to have around the house. (Adding a bit of glycerin to the glue seems to be an optional step.)

Comment Re:Blackberry OS (Score 1) 89

Differentiating via OS doesn't work, that's not opinion

Tell that to Apple...

This simply tells me you haven't even seen either Blackberry's latest OS or Android since version 4.

My first BB was a 7290, my current phone is a Z10. (While I'm a long-time user, I'm no die-hard, I'll happily give up my BB if something better comes along.) My wife and a few of my friends are Android fans and I've done some Android development. I'd like to think that I have a reasonable, if admittedly limited, familiarity with Android.

Blackberry have even gone as far to copy common icons such as the 3 dots for menus and so forth. Many other UI elements are exact copies of Android.

You're not very familiar with BlackBerry are you? From their gesture suite to their approach to multitasking, BB10 is about as close to Android as Android is to Windows 3.1. Given your list of similarities, you might as well claim that my car is just like a bicycle because the wheels on both are round. Or, for a better analogy, that Ubuntu Linux, Windows, and MacOS are all identical because the close icon is a little 'X' along with a host of other similar icons 'copied' from Windows 95.

They're rather dramatically different. I honestly don't see how you can claim that they're similar at all.

Sure it's very different under the hood but that's not what I'm talking about here because that's not what users see, I'm talking about the fact the UI is a poor clone of vanilla Android 4 with a few ideas stolen from iOS too.

You couldn't possibly be more wrong. If they stole from anyone, it would be Palm. I've see many, and even made my own, comparisons to WebOS as far back as PlayBook OS. You'd be the first I've seen suggest that BB10 is anything like Android. Probably because BB10 is absolutely nothing like Android.

Have you even used PBOS or BB10?

The problem is that Elop wasn't the person to do it and a focus on WP8 wasn't the way to go. Both these things were done to make Nokia an easy cheap takeover for Microsoft

Wait, so you're saying that Nokia purposefully tanked itself by hiring Elop and switching to WP8 so that Microsoft could cheaply and easily take them over? That doesn't make any sense.

Android was the easiest path for it to stay a strong independent company, just like Samsung.

See my earlier post. The only company that benefited from Android was Samsung, and there's absolutely no reason to believe that it was the OS that made them successful.

Android isn't that great, and it's one of the worst mobile platforms for developers -- even BlackBerry has them beat there. (I know the meme, but a lot has changed over the past few years.)

Android is on top because it's inexpensive and open. As I said before, they will fall very quickly the instant an equally inexpensive and open platform shows up that has a better UI and/or is easier to developers.

If differentiating via OS is the key as people like you seem to think it is then why are Blackberry, Nokia, and the Firefox phones all failing?

BlackBerry is having trouble because of the 'they're dying' meme, which is only true now because everyone believed it when it wasn't true. The hardware is solid, as is the OS and UI. Those all got high-praise from even their worse detractors (like BGR). Their weak app market and the unfounded belief that they could go under at any moment were their biggest problems.

Nokia was, and still is, horribly mismanaged. Do you actually think switching to Android would have magically saved them? It sure hasn't helped Samsung's competitors!

The Firefox phone didn't fail because of the OS, it failed because it was pitifully outdated at "launch" and sold (exclusively?) through eBay. Then again, it may be too early to say that it failed. It's difficult to say that it's even hit the market! It's more like a 'sneak peak'. It also doesn't help that it got more than it's fair share of doom-and-gloom press months ahead of their "launch". I don't know enough about it to meaningfully compare it to Android (either on technical or UI grounds). I'd leave that up to you, but ... well, see above.

Comment Re:Blackberry OS (Score 1) 89

Samsung has proven what a joke the "me too" argument is

Tell that to HTC, Motorola, LG, ...

But worse, that argument looks even more stupid due to the fact that Blackberry's latest OS is very much a "me too" clone of Android

Wow, not even a little bit. The two are dramatically different in just about every respect.

The decline in value and worth of Nokia is almost unparalleled to any other tech company.

Ignoring the "unparalleled" hyperbole, for the moment, do you honestly think they'd have done better had Elop gone with Android? Nokia had made a lot of strategic mistakes long before Microsoft came calling. Do you think Elop's infamous restructuring was "just because"? It was, at the time, a necessary effort to save the ailing company.

To suggest that had they just switched to Android they'd be fine is laughably naive.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 112

Do you really think any blind person doesn't realize how important sight is? It's pretty easy to explain,

Cool, can you help me out? I'm having an awful time understanding color. What's it like to experience that?

and trivial to demonstrate abilities that sight provides that the sightless do not have. Any blind person can be easily convinced that sight exists by performing experiments. Can you do the same with dream analysis?

Total Nonsense.

Comment Re:Amazing, for 2012 (Score 1) 112

Is there any reason that you haven't listed any of your alleged "failures". (I suspect it's because you don't actually have any in mind and you're just repeating a silly meme.)

As for Tizen, we'll see if that's the case when it's actually released. :) My claim "the best browser on the market" remains true.

Now, your claim was that the BB10 browser "was not great" and that you "prefer firefox on android".

Do you still stand by that?

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