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Comment Re:Not enough... (Score 1) 190

It's more of an API issue than a language issue. Node.js offers a file system API, and the W3C File API has wide browser support.

A third-party library simply isn't an option, as any such library would depend on the underlying API.

Comment Re:Yeah, no ... (Score 1) 287

Please, "typing" a "program" in C is not "writing code". If you're not toggling bits from the front panel, you're not writing code. You don't even get into the underlying instructions that are actually doing things.

C is just giving you some very basic concepts. It's not "writing code", it's using an interface that has some basic programming logic for users to practice "concepts".

Comment Re:Is it even possible anymore? (Score 1) 287

When we interview people under 30 they are saying stuff like "I do Apple IOS programming and nothing else".

Do you live in the Unixtown, were everyone specializes in exactly one thing?

I can only imagine the conversations you must have over there: "Hi, I'm Bob and I know Javascript" "Hi Bob, I'm Alice, and I know HTML" "Nice to meet you Alice. Let me introduce you to Carl. He knows CSS. If we got together, we could make a webpage." "What a great idea! I'll call Dora. She knows a cookie recipe. We can put it online If we can find someone who can use Apache."

Comment Re:exactly my point (Score 1) 674

Ah, I remember. It seems that you missed the entire point of that waste of my time.

The point was that your proclamations were absurd as, if we were to accept them, you'd be forced to that conclusion.

How you came away with the belief that I "believe in homeopathy" is beyond me. After all, I did not, and still do not, agree with your ridiculous assertions.

Comment Re:Since when... (Score 1) 207

Are you a scientist? I don't think you are.

I'm starting to seriously doubt your credentials...

you can't just say shit like "the last thing we need is ___" without testing the damned hypothesis

That's not an hypothesis, not in the scientific sense at least, as it's not testable. Not for any given combination of 'we' and ___!

Comment Re:'programming is hard and boring.' (Score 1) 207

I haven't met anyone yet with the interest but not the aptitude. I taught computer programming to adult learners for several years as an optional part of a computer literacy series. I had exactly two students fail to complete the course -- both because they refused to do any of the exercises. You can't learn to program without programming, just like you can't learn to drive without driving.

Programming is absurdly simple. It's been my experience that anyone can learn to write computer programs with surprisingly little effort. This terrifies some people. I'll let you puzzle out why.

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